Girls Soccer

(Note: Stats are based on games reported to the Daily Times this season. We can only base stats off the information we are given by coaches. If there is a stat question, please do not leave it in the comments section; email

Final Scoring Leaders

Morgan Glassford, Strath Haven 22

Catherine Wroblewski, Cardinal O’Hara 20

Julia Kyne, Delco Christian 19

Kristen Miller, Strath Haven 18

Carli Sitkowski, Christian Academy 17

Christin Esposito, Garnet Valley 13

Megan Tracewell, Garnet Valley 13

Grace Cryan, Christian Academy 12

Taylor Quinn, Radnor 12

Leah Becker, Episcopal Academy 11

Kristin Burnetta, Agnes Irwin 11

Jackie Glanfield, Garnet Valley 11

Alyssa Blair, Chichester 10

Hannah Keating, Agnes Irwin 10

Carly Mirarchi, Cardinal O’Hara 9

Kailey Neef, Delco Chrstian 9

Holly Nicolardi, Marple Newtown 9

Siobhan Osborne, Radnor 9

Olivia Butera, Haverford 8

Monica Clark, Archbishop Carroll 8

Khadijah Ricks, Chichester 8

Karleigh Yori, Ridley 8

Deirdre Bradley, Marple Newtown 7

Jess DiGiacomo, Cardinal O’Hara 7

Stacie Hallinan, Interboro 7

Megan Lynch, Marple Newtown 7

Final Saves Leaders

Abby Johnson, Archbishop Carroll 223

Kylie Klos, Marple Newtown 160

Amber Phillips, Christian Academy 149

Autumn Wedderburn, Agnes Irwin 146

Mary Kate Alloway, Upper Darby 127

HelenAnn Lawless, Ridley 127

Theresa Mignogna, Chichester 116

Kelly Rogers, Haverford 111

Stacey Porter, Springfield 110

Miranda Corrigan, Bonner-Prendergast 101

Jamie Barr, Delco Christian 96

Maris Hayes, Garnet Valley 86

Bari Margolis, Radnor 77

Final Save Percentage Leaders (goal allowed/shots faced)

Krissy Welsh, Strath Haven 91.8 (5/61)

Amber Phillips, Christian Academy 87.6 (21/170)

Maris Hayes, Garnet Valley 86.9 (13/99)

Kelly Rogers, Haverford 86.7 (17/128)

Abby Johnson, Archbishop Carroll 86.4 (35/258)

Autumn Wedderburn, Agnes Irwin 85.9 (14/170)

Bari Margolis, Radnor 79.4 (20/97)

Jamie Barr, Delco Christian 78.7 (26/122)

Kylie Klos, Marple Newtown 77.7 (46/206)

Stacey Porter, Springfield 75.9 (35/145)

HelenAnn Lawless, Ridley 74.7 (43/170)

Brittany Kashner, Penncrest 74.2 (23/89)

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