Scoring Leaders

Scoring Leaders are updated through Tuesday, March 5

Games missing from the stats package

Penn Wood’s game vs. Coatesville at the Ridley Holiday Shootout (no report)

Ridley vs. Haverford, Jan. 30 (no report)

O’Hara vs. Central, March 1, District 12 championship (no report)

Ridley district playoff game (no report)

Points Per Game Average 

(10 points per game and at least 75 percent of team’s games played)

Gia DeAngelo, Sun Valley, 21.5

Jordan Matthews, Academy Park, 19.3

Megan McGurk, Notre Dame, 19.0

Megan Quinn, Episcopal Academy, 18.5

Alyssa Monaghan, Bonner-Prendergast, 18.3

Olivia Encarnacion, Interboro, 17.9

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Notre Dame, 17.3

Tyra Polite, Upper Darby, 16.3

Sarah Curran, Archbishop Carroll, 16.0

Rylee Power, Marple Newtown, 14.8

Coley Ricci, Garnet Valley, 14.1

Logan Newman, Chichester, 13.7

Dominique Williams, Upper Darby, 13.6

Haley Sipple, Chichester, 12.6

Lauren Huggins, Penncrest, 12.6

Stacey MacArthur, Delco Christian, 12.5

Alex Poplawski, Springfield, 12.3

Shanice Johnson, Cardinal O’Hara, 11.9

Sam Foy, Ridley, 11.5

Mia Farmer, Cardinal O’Hara, 11.4

Shayna Orr, Sun Valley, 11.3

Myonie Williamson, Radnor, 11.1

Sarah Monaghan, Bonner-Prendergast, 10.3

Sarah Abbonizio, Episcopal Academy, 10.3


(20 or more)

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Notre Dame, 72

Tyra Polite, Upper Darby, 52

Rylee Power, Marple Newtown, 52

Alyssa Monaghan, Bonner-Prendergast, 52

Gia DeAngelo, Sun Valley, 45

Jess Carney, Archbishop Carroll, 45

Sarah Abbonizio, Episcopal Academy, 44

Lauren Huggins, Penncrest, 42

Stacey MacArthur, Delco Christian, 38

Coley Ricci, Garnet Valley, 35

Sam Foy, Ridley, 35

Madison Collins, Marple Newtown, 34

Olivia Kane, Springfield, 32

Jordan Matthews, Academy Park, 30

Sarah Monaghan, Bonner-Prendergast, 29

Mia Farmer, Cardinal O’Hara, 29

Olivia Encarnacion, Interboro, 29

Maddie Thornton, Chichester, 26

Kristie Constantino, Archbishop Carroll, 24

Sarah Curran, Archbishop Carroll, 23

Shannon Quinn, Radnor, 22

Megan McGurk, Notre Dame, 22

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