(Final; For questions, email mdegeorge@21st-centurymedia.com.)

(min 20 plate appearances)

Liam Bendo, Garnet Valley .500

Frankie Paterek, Chichester .500

Jake Sitkowski, Christian Academy .489

Josh Van Meerbeke, Delco Christian .478

Tamir Ware, Academy Park .461

Joseph Opdenaker, Christian Academy .455

Brit Haseltine, Christian Academy .451

Kevin McGowan, Haverford School .451

Brandon VanBelle, Garnet Valley .421

Kyle Winter, Delco Christian .419

Will Mitchell, Chichester .417

Seth Wasserman, Marple Newtown .412

Matt Briner, Penncrest .410

Tom Leonard, Haverford .407

Nate Sides, Penncrest .405

Mike Brodzinski, Academy Park .404

Colin Birzes, Penncrest .400

Danny Browne, Delco Christian .400

Ben Faso, Garnet Valley .400

Bobby Jones, Chichester .400

Bryan Hyland, Haverford School .398

Chris Calabro, Academy Park .396

Tyler Kight, Penncrest .396

Khari Hightower, Academy Park .395

Nick Cerelli, Haverford .393

Kevin Maloney, Haverford .393

Michael Naumann, Ridley .387

Garrett McGurl, Radnor .385

Corey Ziring, Strath Haven .385

James Kantner, Strath Haven .382

Billy Fallon, Academy Park .378

Steve Furman, Bonner-Prendergast .375

Jake Hoffman, Ridley .375

Nick Scott, Christian Academy .372

AJ Lerro, Upper Darby .370

John Lord, Radnor .365

Chris Salvey, Cardinal O’Hara .362

Nick Gorman, Springfield .361

Jason Riberio, Chichester .361

Andrew Choi, Marple Newtown .357

Drew Fowler, Haverford .356

Scott Hahn, Marple Newtown .352

Brandon DiChacchio, Springfield .351

Evan Raiburn, Bonner-Prendergast .350


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