Stats Leaders

This is the main page for stats leaders. Please check every team’s individual page for team-by-team stats.

This is the final stats update for the 2013 season If a correction is needed, please do not leave it in the comments. Email Confirmation from a coach is necessary. Stats are based strictly off of games reported to the Daily Times. Every team’s page has the games that have been reported to the Daily Times, while the games that I’m missing are clearly marked as such.

Catholic League

Archbishop Carroll (Incomplete due to a lack of games being reported)

Bonner-Prendergast (Incomplete due to a lack of games being reported)

Cardinal O’Hara (Full season stats completed)

Central League

Garnet Valley (Full season stats completed)

Haverford (Incomplete due to a lack of games being reported)

Marple Newtown (Full season stats completed)

Penncrest (Full season stats completed)

Radnor (Full season stats completed)

Ridley (Full season stats completed)

Springfield (Full season stats completed)

Strath Haven (Full season stats completed)

Upper Darby (Full season stats completed)

Ches-Mont League

Sun Valley (Full season stats completed)


Interboro (Full season stats completed)

Inter-Academic League

Episcopal Academy (Full season stats completed)

The Haverford School (Full season stats completed)


(Minimum of 25)

Matt Cioeta, Sun Valley, 63

Reilly Hupfeldt, The Haverford School, 54

Gavin McBride, The Haverford School, 47

Will Manganiello, Penncrest, 47

Jake Herrmann, Interboro, 44

Will Ohley, Strath Haven, 43

Vince Marra, Springfield, 42

Peter Gayhardt, Episcopal Academy, 42

Robert Raucci, Garnet Valley, 41

Joe Simpson, Cardinal O’Hara, 39

Alex Manderack, Radnor, 39

Peter Donato, Radnor, 37

Dan McNamara, Cardinal O’Hara, 36

Kelton Heverly, Ridley, 34

Brock D’Annunzio, Garnet Valley, 33

Steve Halko, Springfield, 33

Ryan Simpson, Upper Darby, 32

Dave Talda, Marple Newtown, 30

Lucas Spence, Springfield, 29

Mitch Cross, Strath Haven, 29

Conor Johnson, Sun Valley, 29

Tyler Chambers, Episcopal Academy, 29

Curtis Zappala, Episcopal Academy, 28

Drew Hanna, Penncrest, 28

Dylan Protesto, Penncrest, 28

Chris Stone, Upper Darby, 28

Trupert Ortlieb, Episcopal Academy, 26

Grant Ament, The Haverford School, 26

Drew Supinski, The Haverford School, 25

Lou Harrison, Ridley, 25

Bryan Mizell, Strath Haven, 25


(Minimum of 15)

Lucas Spence, Springfield, 44

Mitch Cross, Strath Haven, 39

Peter Blynn, The Haverford School, 37

Tom Hemcher, Radnor, 34

Tyler Chambers, Episcopal Academy, 32

Robert Raucci, Garnet Valley, 31

Grant Ament, The Haverford School, 28

Curtis Zappala, Episcopal Academy, 26

Tucker Carney, Strath Haven, 24

Matt Cioeta, Sun Valley, 23

Will Ohley, Strath Haven, 22

Rob Logan, Penncrest, 22

Peter Donato, Radnor, 21

Gavin McBride, The Haverford School, 21

Dave Dagessian, Marple Newtown, 19

T.J. Reiley, Cardinal O’Hara, 18

Sean McHugh, Cardinal O’Hara, 18

Dutch Buckley, Episcopal Academy, 18

Will Manganiello, Penncrest, 17

Sean Mingey, Penncrest, 17

Joe Simpson, Cardinal O’Hara, 15

Connor Burns, Radnor, 15

Mike Crowley, Ridley, 15

Christian Fisher, Interboro, 15


(Minimum of 35)

Matt Cioeta, Sun Valley, 86

Lucas Spence, Springfield, 73

Robert Raucci, Garnet Valley, 72

Gavin McBride, The Haverford School, 68

Mitch Cross, Strath Haven, 68

Will Ohley, Strath Haven, 65

Will Manganiello, Penncrest, 64

Tyler Chambers, Episcopal Academy, 61

Peter Donato, Radnor, 58

Reilly Hupfeldt, The Haverford School, 57

Joe Simpson, Cardinal O’Hara, 54

Curtis Zappala, Episcopal Academy, 54

Grant Ament, The Haverford School, 54

Vince Marra, Springfield, 53

Tom Hemcher, Radnor, 52

Peter Blynn, The Haverford School, 52

Jake Herrmann, Interboro, 51

Dan McNamara, Cardinal O’Hara, 48

Tucker Carney, Strath Haven, 48

Kelton Heverly, Ridley, 46

Ryan Simpson, Upper Darby, 46

Alex Manderack, Radnor, 44

Drew Hanna, Penncrest, 42

Peter Gayhardt, Episcopal Academy, 42

Steve Halko, Springfield, 41

Bryan Mizell, Strath Haven, 38

Chris Stone, Upper Darby, 38

Conor Johnson, Sun Valley, 38

Sean Mingey, Penncrest, 37

Brock D’Annunzio, Garnet Valley, 37

Tyler Kostack, Marple Newtown, 37

Lou Harrison, Ridley, 37

Trupert Ortlieb, Episcopal Academy, 37

Ian Strain, Episcopal Academy. 36

Dave Talda, Marple Newtown, 36

Mike Cherry, Radnor, 36

Dylan Protesto, Penncrest, 36

Rob Logan, Penncrest, 35

Drew Supinski, The Haverford School, 35

Save Percentage

(Minimum of 55 percent with 100+ saves)

Tim Coyle, Cardinal O’Hara, 67.6 percent

Tom McDermott, Ridley, 65.7 percent

Mitch Rose, Garnet Valley, 60.8 percent

Brendan Manderack, Radnor, 60.5 percent

Colin Reder, Episcopal Academy, 60.5 percent

Ted Bergman, Strath Haven, 58.9 percent

Casey Brown, Penncrest, 58.2 percent

Jeremy Cavanaugh, Springfield, 56.1 percent

Chuck Kelly, Interboro, 55.8 percent


(Minimum of 150)

Tim Coyle, Cardinal O’Hara, 254

Chuck Kelly, Interboro, 235

Ted Bergman, Strath Haven, 222

Ryan Soley, Upper Darby, 203

Mitch Rose, Garnet Valley, 202

Ian Callahan, Marple Newtown, 175

Brendan Manderack, Radnor, 173

Tom McDermott, Ridley, 167

Jeremy Cavanaugh, Springfield, 125

19 thoughts on “Stats Leaders

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  3. Ian Strain might be the best all-around midfielder in the state. He’s as good defensively as he is offensively and he’s an animal in transition. Curtis Zappala just happened to have a five-goal night against a Catholic League powerhouse and the game-tying and game-winning overtime goal in games I was at, so it’s kind of natural that I’m going to write about him.

    Tyler Chambers has been in our roundups several times and will undoubtedly continue to be, so I’m not sure how “Strain and Zappala get all the press.”. Additionally, I’ll have a KSF roundup post sometime this weekend with Chambers’ thoughts on the win over Lawrenceville.

    Thanks for reading,

    • Pat,

      Well, that’s embarrassing. I update these stats every time with every team’s tab open, so I occasionally X out of one too quickly. Did it to Ridley last week. Sorry about that. Springfield leaders have been added.


  4. Hi Matt, I’m wondering why Dylan McCleaft never gets mentioned in the Penncrest game write ups. He had a ton of saves last night and kept us in the game with Radnor. I don’t even see his 13 saves listed in the box scores in the paper today for last nights game against Radnor. Can you tell me why that is? Thanks for any update.

    • Radnor reported Sean Mingey as having seven saves. Clearly, I knew that was off, but didn’t know which goalie played by the time it was too late.

      As for your first question, Dylan will get in there soon, I’m sure. There’s no agenda against him. Just been writing about others is all.


  5. Thanks for the update, it is appreciated, however dylan did have 13 saves. Can you verify the number with the Penncrest coaches. Want to ensure that his goalie stats are correct.

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  8. People, this information is not about LIFE OR DEATH!
    AND It probably will never be seen by your little darling’s college coach anyway!
    So take a deep breath and recheck your priorities in life, maybe your son or daughter will be better for it !

    the editor of this article does not determine what is written here, the head coaches do.

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