Scoring Leaders

(Based on games reported to the Daily Times. Final)

Evan Needs, Christian Academy 43

Brit Haseltine, Christian Academy 31

Diego Lopez, Interboro 29

John Mansaray, Penn Wood 21

Connor Gregory, Haverford School 20

Nick Jannelli, Springfield 15

George Lambritsios, Marple Newtown 15

Drew Hanna, Penncrest 14

Austin Wilson, Chichester 12

Foday Kayateh, Interboro 11

Matt De Pillis, Episcopal Academy 10

Jared Sullivan, Chichester 10

Collins Asimoah, Penn Wood 9

Kostas Silkas, Marple Newtown 9

Hunter Dyson, Marple Newtown 8

Ryan Brown, Haverford 7

Jordan Dozier, Delco Christian 7

Willie Fineberg, Haverford 7

Josh Lehrberger, Sun Valley 7

Willie Lopez, Interboro 7

Hassan Warritay, Penn Wood 7

Max Barish, Radnor 6

Jerry Karalis, Haverford School 6

Cole Mays, Haverford 6

Joe Soffer, Strath Haven 6

Adam Youseff, Chichester 6

Koffi Adjesson, Penn Wood 5

Kyle Dutch, Interboro 5

Jamie Fisher, Ridley 5

Ahmir Gordon, Strath Haven 5

Cam Ricciardi, Strath Haven 5

Alex Trabanino, Penn Wood 5

Ricky Vogler, Penncrest 5

Jason Yoo, Delco Christian 5

Evan Boyce, Haverford 4

Shane Bradley, Haverford School 4

Conor Bradley, Haverford School 4

John Coleman, Chichester 4

Nick Dinoulis, Marple Newtown 4

Matt Dwyer, Chichester 4

Ramon Gallegos, Episcopal Academy 4

Joey Hess, Interboro 4

Jordan Hoyle, Penncrest 4

Daniel Nichols, Delco Christian 4

Caleb Robinson, Christian Academy 4

Evan Savoth, Strath Haven 4

Charlie Simpson, Penncrest 4

Sasha Abadi, Radnor 3

Yardley Agosto, Upper Darby 3

Andrew Astrino, Springfield 3

Aaron Bogle, Episcopal Academy 3

Sam Brown, Penncrest 3

Dan Bullitt, Penncrest 3

Carlos D’Anjolell, Penn Wood 3

Daniel Deger, Delco Christian 3

Paul Freeman, Academy Park 3

Nick Franz, Interboro 3

Dean Giovanopoulos, Marple Newtown 3

Ben Golder, Sun Valley 3

Jeremy Hieneman, Interboro 3

Jonas Jean-Claude, Haverford 3

Youseff Jouichate, Sun Valley 3

Mahon Kenna, Christian Academy 3

Ryan Kerrigan, Bonner-Prendergast 3

Loseni Konneh, Upper Darby 3

Danny Korinth, Springfield 3

Abrahim Kromah, Academy Park 3

Jeffry Lopez, Interboro 3

Josh Mason, Strath Haven 3

Kieran McVan, Haverford 3

Ryan Norton, Delco Christian 3

Andrew Sarnocinski, Sun Valley 3

Mike Wallace, Springfield 3

Austin Yayer, Haverford 3

Grant Yu, Haverford School 3


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