On-Base Percentage

(Based on stats compiled by teams and reported to the Daily Times. Email questions/concerns to mdegeorge@delcotimes.com.)

On-base Percentage (minimum 40 plate appearances)

Steve Carr, Chichester .682

Bob Barnett, Interboro .651

Brian Baldwin, Chichester .641

Andrew Wisneski, Christian Academy .638

Evan Harvey, Archbishop Carroll .603

Matthew Crockett, Christian Academy .603

Brett Wilson, Chichester .600

Corbyn Nyemah, Chichester .596

Rob Straff, Strath Haven .587

Kevin Mohollen, Strath Haven .586

Eric Bergman, Ridley .583

Andrew Boykin, Christian Academy .582

Demitrius Muse, Chichester .571

Brit Haseltine, Christian Academy .565

Danny Lauser, Chichester .557

Mike Kyne, Delco Christian .557

Jake Hoffman, Ridley .556

Eric Driscoll, Delco Christian .554

Danny Murray, Chichester .545

Steve Scornajenghi, Haverford School .543

James Kantner, Strath Haven .540

Christian Sims, Chichester .537

Jim Pisani, Ridley .534

Jimmy Haley, Bonner-Prendergast .533

Cole Gamber, Penncrest .531

Nate Engelka, Strath Haven .528

Josh Dellipriscoli, Interboro .525

Tom Austen, Radnor .525

Shane Donnelly, Penncrest .524

Bryan Kirk, Penncrest .517

Pat Cashin, Interboro .513

Frank Cresta, Haverford School .511

D.L. Browne, Delco Christian .500

Eric McGough, Archbishop Carroll .493

Jake Burrell, Sun Valley .493

Tim Hopper, Ridley .489

Donovan Davis, Strath Haven .488

Joseph Opdenaker, Christian Academy .485

Matt Lafferty, Archbishop Carroll .484

Dan Furman, Bonner-Prendergast .483

Richie Tecco, Bonner-Prendergast .483

David Splain, Strath Haven .482

Kevin McGowan, Haverford School .480

Joe Sardella, Haverford .478

Brady Waller, Christian Academy .475

Dan Bier, Archbishop Carroll .474

Matt Raimo, Strath Haven .473

Tom Carey, Haverford .471

Drew Field, Haverford School .471

Caedon Saltis, Strath Haven .469

Tyler Kight, Penncrest .465

Connor Wilson, Radnor .464

Pat Vanderslice, Bonner-Prendergast .459

Antonio Pagano, Sun Valley .459

Tom Crumlish, Bonner-Prendergast .455

Matt Galetta, Haverford School .453

Johnny Reese, Delco Christian .449

Alex Barr, Haverford .449

Sean Corelli, Radnor .449

Trevin Jones, Christian Academy .442

Matt Donnelly, Haverford .437

Chris Sukonik, Haverford School .437

Chad Gisel, Christian Academy .433

Darren Nardo, Haverford .429

Frank Saviski, Bonner-Prendergast .425

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