Expanded Batting Leaders

(Based on stats reported to the Daily Times. For questions or corrections, email mdegeorge@delcotimes.com.)

(min. 40 PA)

Andrew Wisneski, Christian Academy .628
Brit Haseltine, Christian Academy .558
Matt Briner, Penncrest .520
D.L. Browne, Delco Christian .500
Justin Goerlach, Ridley .491
Jason Schwartz, Interboro .489
Kevin Mohollen, Strath Haven .477
Ben Faso, Garnet Valley .452
Joseph Opdenaker, Christian Academy .444
Seth Bower, Marple Newtown .441
Pat Cashin, Interboro .432
Troy Everly, Garnet Valley .417
Matt Crockett, Christian Academy .415
Nick DiGregorio, Ridley .400
Jeff Shanfeldt, Garnet Valley .400
Billy Ketler, Interboro .396
Nick Lazer, Bonner-Prendergast .396
John Banes, Cardinal O’Hara .392
Mike White, Marple Newtown .391
Steve Furman, Bonner-Prendergast .389
Nate Sides, Penncrest .389
Scott Hahn, Marple Newtown .386
Connor Wilson, Radnor .385
Eric Tannenbaum, Marple Newtown .383
Jim Pisani, Ridley .375
Sean Corelli, Radnor .373
Nolan Cummings, Cardinal O’Hara .373
CJ Cardell, Interboro .371
Richie Tecco, Bonner-Prendergast .371
Pat Shevlin, Marple Newtown .370
Ricky Collings, Marple Newtown .362
Danny Healey, Bonner-Prendergast .362
James McConnon, Haverford School .361
Pat McDermott, Radnor .361
Colin McGuire, Cardinal O’Hara .361
James Kantner, Strath Haven .359
Tom Quinn, Springfield .359
Connor Burke, Haverford School .357
Tyler Kight, Penncrest .350
Will Latcham, Cardinal O’Hara .350


John Banes, Cardinal O’Hara 31
Brit Haseltine, Christian Academy 29
Ben Faso, Garnet Valley 28
Kevin McGowan, Haverford School 28
Steve Scornajenghi, Haverford School 28
Justin Goerlach, Ridley 27
Andrew Wisneski, Christian Academy 27
Seth Bower, Marple Newtown 26
Matt Briner, Penncrest 26
James McConnon, Haverford School 26
Connor Burke, Haverford School 25
Ricky Collings, Marple Newtown 25
Sean Corelli, Radnor 25
Mike Solomon, Haverford School 25
Mike White, Marple Newtown 25
Connor Wilson, Radnor 25
DL Browne, Delco Christian 23
James Kantner, Strath Haven 23
Chris Salvey, Cardinal O’Hara 23
Nate Sides, Penncrest 23
Richie Tecco, Bonner-Prendergast 23
Tommy Toal, Haverford School 23
Nolan Cummings, Cardinal O’Hara 22
Colin McGuire, Cardinal O’Hara 22
Jason Schwartz, Interboro 22
Dan Dwyer, Cardinal O’Hara 21
Steve Furman, Bonner-Prendergast 21
Will Latcham, Cardinal O’Hara 21
Nick Lazer, Bonner-Prendergast 21
Matt McGraw, Cardinal O’Hara 21
Kevin Mohollen, Strath Haven 21
Andrew Bechtold, Garnet Valley 20
Jeff Shanfeldt, Garnet Valley 20
Pat Shevlin, Marple Newtown 20


Brit Haseltine, Christian Academy 32
Billy Ketler, Interboro 28
Steve Scornajenghi, Haverford School 26
Mike White, Marple Newtown 26
Jake Sitkowski, Christian Academy 24
Matt Crockett, Christian Academy 22
Mike Solomon, Haverford School 21
Andrew Wisneski, Christian Academy 21
Pat Cashin, Interboro 20
Tyler Kight, Penncrest 20
Jason Schwartz, Interboro 20
Connor Wilson, Radnor 20
Mike Boucher, Delco Christian 19
Nate Engleka, Strath Haven 19
Ron DiMatteo, Penncrest 18
Tim Hopper, Ridley 18
Kevin McGowan, Haverford School 18
DL Browne, Delco Christian 17
Sean Corelli, Radnor 17
Tommy Toal, Haverford School 17
Seth Bower, Marple Newtown 16
Matt Briner, Penncrest 16
Ricky Collings, Marple Newtown 16
Mike Lanzone, Radnor 16
Pat Shevlin, Marple Newtown 16
Connor Burke, Haverford School 15
Nolan Cummings, Cardinal O’Hara 15
James McConnon, Haverford School 15
Kevin Mohollen, Strath Haven 15
Joseph Opdenaker, Christian Academy 15


Ben Faso, Garnet Valley 30
Kevin McGowan, Haverford School 26
Andrew Wisneski, Christian Academy 26
Connor Burke, Haverford School 24
Billy Ketler, Inerboro 22
Andrew Bechtold, Garnet Valley 21
Justin Opdenaker, Christian Academy 21
Justin Goerlach, Ridley 20
Pat Shevlin, Marple Newtown 20
John Banes, Cardinal O’Hara 19
Matt Crockett, Christian Academy 18
Ashton Raines, Strath Haven 18
Mike Solomon, Haverford School 18
Eric Tannenbaum, Marple Newtown 18
CJ Pruitt, Sun Valley 17
Nate Sides, Penncrest 17
Seth Bower, Marple Newtown 16
Will Latcham, Cardinal O’Hara 16
Chance Malek, Garnet Valley 16
Robbie Needs, Christian Academy 16
Jason Schwartz, Interboro 16
Jake Sitkowski, Christian Academy 16
Tyler Kight, Penncrest 15
James McConnon, Haverford School 15
Corey Ziring, Strath Haven 15

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