Batting Leaders

Based on games reported to the Daily Times 

2014 FINAL


Rylee Power, Marple Newtown 9

Lauren Del Romano, Cardinal O’Hara 8

Katie Wenger, Agnes Irwin 7

Molly Rafferty, Cardinal O’Hara 7

Ronnie Marie Falasco, Delco Christian 7

Sam Tomasetti, Garnet Valley 7

Lauren Scarpato, Springfield 7

Meghan Wimmer, Chichester 6

Tabitha Mulholland, Delco Christian 6

Alex Viscusi, Episcopal Academy 6

Tori DePietro, Springfield 6

Amber Michael, Sun Valley 6

Kate Robinson, Upper Darby 6

Michala Maciolek, Agnes Irwin 5

Nicole O’Donnell, Chichester 5

Ashley Moskowitz, Garnet Valley 5


Lauren Del Romano, Cardinal O’Hara 7

Lauren Scarpato, Springfield 5

Meghan Wimmer, Chichester 4

Alex Viscusi, Episcopal Academy 4

Reva Alderman, Garnet Valley 4

Emily Crockarell, Springfield 4

Jenna Myers, Agnes Irwin 3

Carolyn Shipe, Agnes Irwin 3

Katie Wenger, Agnes Irwin 3

Haley Coale, Chichester 3

Grace Boston, Cardinal O’Hara 3

Kaela Kane, Cardinal O’Hara 3

Tabitha Mulholland, Delco Christian 3

Sam Tomasetti, Garnet Valley 3

Brandi James, Interboro 3

Tori DePietro, Springfield 3

Home Runs

Taylor Winkelman, Springfield 10

Olivia Chase, Upper Darby 7

Rylee Power, Marple Newtown 7

Meghan Wimmer, Chichester 6

Ronnie Marie Falasco, Delco Christian 6

Sam Tomasetti, Garnet Valley 6

Lizzie Citrone, Archbishop Carroll 5

Alex Viscusi, Episcopal Academy 5

Bari Margolis, Radnor 5

Tori DePietro, Springfield 5

Emily Crockarell, Springfield 4

Shannon Lloyd, Archbishop Carroll 4

Brandi James, Interboro 4

Molly Rafferty, Cardinal O’Hara 3

Kate Robinson, Upper Darby 3


3 thoughts on “Batting Leaders

      • matt, Thanks for getting back to me. HOWEVER, I have not received any career of season ending statistics on Bridget Newman. I am writing book, A Century of Haverford HS Athletics. I really want to get Bridget’s career BIO included in the book. Thanks

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