Pitcher Wins & Shutouts

Through end of 2015 season

(Based on games reported to the Daily Times)


Meghan WImmer, Chichester 22

Alex Viscusi, Episcopal Academy 18

Leigh Ann Jenkins, Ridley 13

Brooke Nicander, Radnor 12

Courtney Scarpato, Springfield 10

Rachel Reifer, Interboro 9

Tori DePietro, Springfield 9

Mary Kate Brough, Card. O’Hara 8

Morgan Lovelace, Garnet Valley 8

Maya Hartman, Penncrest 8


(Note: Includes inning-shortened games due to mercy rule)

Meg Wimmer, Chichester  11

Alex Viscusi, Episcopal Academy 5

Tori DePietro, Springfield 6

Rachel Reifer, Interboro 5

Leigh Ann Jenkins, Ridley 4

3 thoughts on “Pitcher Wins & Shutouts

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  2. I keep up with Haverford HS athletics because of the book I have written, “A Century of Haverford Athletics”. Each year I update the statistics so I can send out supplemental editions and a new book in 10 years. I noticed there were not any of Haverford statistics in any of the categories YET some of their athletes made the All Central League team. Do you have any of the Lady Fords Statistics? my email is txcoach.sciubba@hotmail.com

    • Haverford didn’t call in a handful of its games this year. What we have in our records likely isn’t very accurate. My suggestion would be to contact the school/coach for the information you seek.

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