(Final; For questions, email

(min 20 IP)

Mike Franzini, Chichester 0.00

Nick Bralczyk, Bonner-Prendergast 0.68

Johnny Reese, Delco Christian 1.06

Cameron Miller, Haverford School 1.21

Ashton Raines, Strath Haven 1.41

Christian Bateman, Sun Valley 1.44

Scott McKenna, Haverford 1.45

JJ Cicala, Archbishop Carroll 1.66

Sean Corelli, Radnor 1.70

Garrett McGurl, Radnor 1.75

Justin DiCarlo, Radnor 1.75

Charlie Connolly, Radnor 1.79

Jimmy Reardon, Springfield 1.82

Eric Baiocco, Chichester 1.91

Matt Eiel, Strath Haven 1.91

Max Frederick, Archbishop Carroll 1.92

Matt Briner, Penncrest 2.00

Mike Bechtold, Garnet Valley 2.12

Michael Gindhart, Haverford School 2.16

Cam Van Hoorbeke, Episcopal Academy 2.19

Brit Haseltine, Christian Academy 2.21

Grant Wallace, Marple Newtown 2.25

CJ Pruitt, Sun Valley 2.27

Ricky Collings, Marple Newtown 2.37

Tyler Dunbar, Haverford School 2.47

Tyler Kight, Penncrest 2.74

Rob Brown, Penncrest 2.75

Nick Greco, Haverford School 2.80

Billy Fallon, Academy Park 3.31

Tre Hinchey, Radnor 3.33


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