Assists Leaders

These stats are compiled based on results reported to the Daily Times. If a correction needs to be made, please email



Carlie Spaeder, Cardinal O’Hara, 27

Moira Putsch, Notre Dame, 25

Grace Boston, Cardinal O’Hara, 24

Alana Dumas, Episcopal Academy, 18

Margaux Paolino, Episcopal Academy, 13

Emily Faught, Notre Dame, 12

Katie Kelly, Archbishop Carroll, 11

Katie Keyser, Garnet Valley, 11

Marissa Cicione, Cardinal O’Hara, 10

Jess Borbee, Strath Haven, 9

Eleanor Kirby, Garnet Valley, 9

Val Kretenko, Academy Park, 9

Christy Palazzese, Episcopal Academy, 9

Jess Randazzo, Cardinal O’Hara, 9

Sophia Tornetta, Agnes Irwin, 9

Jackie Barr, Delco Christian, 8

Megan Kelly, Archbishop Carroll, 8

Sierra Stretch, Bonner-Prendergast, 8

Lydia Sydnor, Radnor, 8

Tristin Tharp, Sun Valley, 8

Michelle Walsh, Archbishop Carroll, 8

Micaela Beaty, Bonner-Prendergast, 7

Charlotte Cornell, Upper Darby, 7

Tess Horan, Haverford, 7

Jess McCarthy, Haverford, 7

Lexie Curry, Episcopal Academy, 6

Dana Davis, Garnet Valley, 6

Morgan Druce, Haverford, 6

Sarah Gibbons, Ridley, 6

Maribeth Keith, Archbishop Carroll, 6

Rebecca Lucci, Strath Haven, 6

Jocelyn Chavous, Delco Christian, 5

Sydney Cowles, Radnor, 5

Jessika Daniels, Garnet Valley, 5

Maggie Fitzgerald, Notre Dame, 5

Alyssa Lemons, Archbishop Carroll, 5

Gina Monahan, Marple Newtown, 5

Sam Muncer, Penncrest, 5

Shae Risley, Ridley, 5

Melissa Roller, Penncrest, 5

Olivia Tornetta, Agnes Irwin, 5

Maddie Bacskai, Episcopal Academy, 4

Kristen Baschoff, Strath Haven, 4

Ally Bongiorno, Ridley, 4

Taryn Gallagher, Episcopal Academy, 4

Arden Johnston, Ridley, 4

Jake Landmesser, Upper Darby, 4

Taylor Leonhardt, Notre Dame, 4

Caroline Nichols, Penncrest, 4

Julia Schoonover, Garnet Valley, 4

Julie Bunten, Agnes Irwin, 3

Tori Crumlish, Bonner-Prendergast, 3

Bridget Egan, Cardinal O’Hara, 3

Anna Evans, Delco Christian, 3

Annette Helmandollar, Interboro, 3

Katie Jordan, Upper Darby, 3

Claire Kneizys, Episcopal Academy, 3

Lucy Maguire, Agnes Irwin, 3

Kirsten Mansfield, Notre Dame, 3

Charlotte Posauner, Radnor, 3

Maggie Reilly, Sacred Heart, 3

Molly Savage, Garnet Valley, 3

Kerri Shallow, Sacred Heart, 3

Kate Stanley, Radnor, 3

Gabby Sutter, Archbishop Carroll, 3

Emmie Vogelman, Bonner-Prendergast, 3

Joey Walker, Sun Valley, 3

Mary Anne Young, Bonner-Prendergast, 3

Callie Avellino, Episcopal Academy, 2

Alex Bonser, Strath Haven, 2

Natalie Bova, Haverford, 2

Steph Cant, Springfield, 2

Kristen Carson, Radnor, 2

Michaela Connors, Archbishop Carroll, 2

Amanda Crowley, Agnes Irwin, 2

Nina Diamond, Notre Dame, 2

Nicole Dominick, Academy Park, 2

Taylor Eubanks, Ridley, 2

Robyn Farrell, Episcopal Academy, 2

Lauren Ferguson, Marple Newtown, 2

Sarah Gamble, Notre Dame, 2

Sophie Graeff, Notre Dame, 2

Bridget Johnson, Upper Darby, 2

Gabbie Jones, Delco Christian, 2

Amy Kelly, Cardinal O’Hara, 2

Stacey MacArthur, Delco Christian, 2

Alyson Makous, Radnor, 2

Kelly Manning, Agnes Irwin, 2

Kelly McGowan, Episcopal Academy, 2

Mady McLennan, Agnes Irwin, 2

Eva Michaliszyn, Penncrest, 2

Danielle Millio, Bonner-Prendergast, 2

Haley O’Donnell, Academy Park, 2

Amanda Odgers, Notre Dame, 2

Sam Panczner, Marple Newtown, 2

Danielle Pomante, Upper Darby, 2

Sarah Quintus, Cardinal O’Hara, 2

Renee Rosenblum, Sacred Heart, 2

Christy Schlarbaum, Episcopal Academy, 2

Abby Semple, Delco Christian, 2

Allison Sharkey, Cardinal O’Hara, 2

Molly Shields, Agnes Irwin, 2

Dee Wilson, Interboro, 2

Hannah Zubyk, Delco Christian, 2

Shelby Amspacher, Archbishop Carroll, 1

Katie Baumann, Springfield, 1

Jenna Bergstrom, Haverford, 1

Courtney Brady, Archbishop Carroll, 1

Jess Campbell, Bonner-Prendergast, 1

Meredith Campbell, Archbishop Carroll, 1

Erin Cimino, Ridley, 1

Meggan Cook, Interboro, 1

Rosie Coogan, Haverford, 1

Jane Crager, Episcopal Academy, 1

Lily Crager, Episcopal Academy, 1

Lindsay Craig, Sun Valley, 1

Caroline Cunningham, Radnor, 1

Holly Davis, Interboro, 1

Marissa DeFilippo, Ridley, 1

Lauren DelRomano, Cardinal O’Hara, 1

Taylor Dorrin, Ridley, 1

Katie Dwyer, Upper Darby, 1

Alex Dwyer, Sacred Heart, 1

Dina El-Nacacche, Upper Darby, 1

Kaitlynn Ewing, Cardinal O’Hara, 1

Maureen Fitzpatrick, Sacred Heart, 1

Christina Giangiordano, Marple Newtown, 1

Maggie Griendling, Bonner-Prendergast, 1

Kaelee Helms, Radnor, 1

Nikole Holland, Sun Valley, 1

Danielle Humbert, Bonner-Prendergast, 1

Olivia Kane, Springfield, 1

Lexi Kenneally, Radnor, 1

Kali Kilmer, Episcopal Academy, 1

Kelly McGee, Upper Darby, 1

Maggie McManus, Delco Christian, 1

Keara McNulty, Archbishop Carroll, 1

Evie O’Brien, Episcopal Academy, 1

Kelly O’Brien, Sacred Heart, 1

Laura Orr, Marple Newtown, 1

Samantha Paules, Academy Park, 1

Cat Rainone, Marple Newtown, 1

Jenna Roland, Agnes Irwin, 1

Lisa Saraceni, Ridley, 1

Dani Savage, Sun Valley, 1

Morgan Scott, Garnet Valley, 1

Katie Sherry, Strath Haven, 1

Maddy Starr, Strath Haven, 1

Madison Street, Academy Park, 1

Carly Sutton, Sacred Heart, 1

Caitlyn Sweeney, Bonner-Prendergast, 1

Kathryn Tadduni, Radnor, 1

Brittany Talley, Garnet Valley, 1

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