(Based on stats compiled by teams and reported to the Daily Times. Email questions/concerns to

ERA (minimum 18.0 IP)

C.J. Pruitt, Sun Valley 1.04

Andrew Wisneski, Christian Academy 1.24

Rob Brown, Penncrest 1.50

Donovan Davis, Strath Haven 1.55

Pat Vanderslice, Bonner-Prendergast 1.68

John Millison, Chichester 1.69

Sean Corelli, Radnor 1.82

Dan Furman, Bonner-Prendergast 1.85

Chris Fusaro, Cardinal O’Hara 2.18

Demitrius Muse, Chichester 2.20

Matt Morella, Haverford 2.20

Adam Wheatley, Ridley 2.28

Adam Erkis, Radnor 2.41

Pat Valentine, Haverford School 2.44

Brit Haseltine, Christian Academy 2.52

Kevin Bosco, Strath Haven 2.53

Will Latcham, Cardinal O’Hara 2.66

Andrew Karahalis, Ridley 2.67

Brandon Burns, Christian Academy 2.72

Brian Chesky, Archbishop Carroll 2.82

Alex Barr, Haverford 3.08

Ashton Raines, Strath Haven 3.08

Matt Galetta, Haverford School 3.20

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