FT percentage leaders


(min. 20 attempts)

Mason Ressler, Radnor 86.9 (53-for-61)

Derrick Welles, Chichester 84.9 (68-for-81)

Mike Doyle, Penncrest 82.9 (87-for-105)

Julian Wing, Ridley 82.4 (70-for-85)

Michael Li, Radnor 81.6 (31-for-38)

Vinnie Kelly, Radnor 80.0 (32-for-40)

Nick DiCamillo, Marple Newtown 80.0 (16-for-20)

Nolan Carroll, Penncrest 78.8 (26-for-33)

Ryan Bollinger, Ridley 78.6 (22-for-28)

Jordan Parks, Delco Christian 77.8 (21-for-27)

Jawan Collins, Academy Park 77.4 (181-for-234)

Nick Alikakos, Episcopal Academy 77.1 (148-for-192)

Jack Donaghy, Haverford 76.9 (50-for-65)

Thomas Mogan, Radnor 76.7 (23-for-30)

Matt Woods, Episcopal Academy 76.7 (23-for-30)

Andrew Louden, Garnet Valley 76.6 (85-for-111)

Brian McCloskey, Springfield 76.6 (49-for-64)

Austin Laughlin, Garnet Valley 76.2 (16-for-21)

Alex Ischiropoulos, Strath Haven 75.9 (75.9)

Nick Giordano, Marple Newtown 75.7 (153-for-202)

Shawn Alston, Haverford School 75.0 (123-for-164)

Wyatt Harkins, Delco Christian 75.0 (90-for-120)

Mike Jolaoso, Episcopal Academy 74.8 (80-for-107)

Jordan Collins, Springfield 74.6 (44-for-59)

Jeremiah Williams, Christian Academy 74.1 (43-for-58)

Malik Jackson, Penn Wood 74.0 (145-for-196)

Cameron Reddish, Haverford School 73.9 (51-for-69)

Tip Swartz, Cardinal O’Hara 73.3 (22-for-30)

Connor Delaney, Episcopal Academy 73.2 (30-for-41)

Josh Sharkey, Archbishop Carroll 73.1 (136-for-186)

Jack Diggory, Garnet Valley 73.1 (38-for-52)

Ryan Hall, Sun Valley 73.1 (19-for-26)

Kairi Jones, Cardinal O’Hara 73.1 (19-for-26)

JT Lindley, Chichester 73.1 (19-for-26)

Ryan Brown, Haverford 73.0 (54-for-74)

Brett Foster, Ridley 72.6 (143-for-197)

Mike Hinckley, Episcopal Academy 72.6 (45-for-62)

Carl Tienabeso, Garnet Valley 72.3 (60-for-83)

Kevin McCormick, Springfield 72.1 (31-for-43)

Stanley Davis, Chester 71.0 (22-for-31)

Ryan Daly, Archbishop Carroll 70.9 (39-for-55)

Marquis Collins, Chester 70.8 (46-for-65)

Alex Hino, Radnor 70.8 (34-for-48)

Austin Fullington, Marple Newtown 70.8 (17-for-24)

Tom McLoone, Bonner-Prendergast 70.7 (29-for-41)

Kahleel Henry, Upper Darby 70.6 (24-for-34)

David Beatty, Archbishop Carroll 70.1 (89-for-127)

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