Thanks for stopping by the official high school sports blog of the Delaware County Daily Times. We’ll try to make this your one-stop shop for everything going on in the county’s high school sports. You can find pretty much anything else here. We’ll have updated stats, consistent content on the sports we cover and we’d like to make this an open forum for discussion on anything going on in Delco.
Take a minute to bookmark this site for your future use. We hope to see you pretty frequently.
Got a college commitment? We want to hear about it and let the world know on here. Questions about stat leaders? This is the place. Want to chat about the local sports scene? That’s what we’re here for.
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11 thoughts on “About

    • Stats will be updated once they are done. That means tracking down coaches that don’t report their scores. Once we have numbers that are actually representative of the stat leaders county, they’ll be updated. Should be in the next couple of days — MD

      • Matthew,

        Double check that Harriton HS record: 8/31 was a non-league Springfield Township game; 9/11 was the Central League Springfield game. I have them at 2-2-1, not 3-2-1, in the Central League.

        Wins: Penncrest and Marple-Newtown

        L Conestoga and Garnet Valley

        T Springfield

        But more important I would love to understand District Qualifying if you have a minute to post “Qualifying for Dummies.”


      • Ed,
        Thanks for the heads up. And the qualifying for dummies post if a good idea, once I un-dummy-fy myself.

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