The future of our high school sports coverage

Four years ago, a group of staffers sat around the Daily Times office pondering a question. We had all this information in front of us, the stats and standings and all the little numerical odds and ends that were the cornerstone of the high school sports coverage in which we took so much pride. And we wondered, “what can we do with this?”

We had articles, game stories and notebooks like always, but there was so much more, so many pieces of data and little slivers of stories that didn’t always fit into those discreet forms or that we just didn’t have room for in the limited number of pages we produced every day. So, we wondered, how could we package and repurpose this info for our readers? Where could all these stats and standings and oblique points live besides our notebooks and spreadsheets?

The answer is what you see before you. We saw what our existing tools for coverage provided us and what they didn’t, and proceeded to fill the holes with this blog and Since, we’ve populated this site with stats, standings, Super 7s, brackets and everything else that adds richness and depth to our print coverage.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we don’t have to do that anymore. Starting this fall, in concert with our 21st-Century Media sister papers throughout the Southeastern Pennsylvania area, we are adopting a new platform,

In one site, PaPrepLive accomplishes what we’ve long sought to deliver using multiple sources, replacing out former home, GameTimePa. It’s a one-stop shop optimized for a digital audience, providing our readers all the high school content we generate. From our print articles to the digital features you’ve grown accustomed to to features like full boxscores and schedules that used to be confined to print, everything will be found together on this new site, integrated with videos, social media and all the amenities you’ve come to expect. With more layers to our data, we’re able to individualize information not just by season and sport but by league, school, team and even player (more on that as we rollout features in the next week).

The arrival of a new site brings the end of this one as a regularly updated content provider. The stats and stories we’ve covered here will remain as a record of the past, but from now on, PaPrepLive will be your source for all our latest coverage. We’ll continue to update sparingly to give you a feel of where things live on the new site, from team pages to sports to leagues, etc.

We hope it’s something that will be as exciting for you as it is for us.

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