Baseball: All-Del Val teams

The All Del Val teams were released Monday, and the composition of the first team should come as no surprise, with seven representatives from league champion Chichester. Of the 12 first-teamers, 11 are from either Chichester or Interboro. Chi laid claim to 10 spots on the first two teams, while Interboro claimed eight. Below are the three teams and honorable mentions. (Note: All-Del Val teams are selected by league coaches. The Daily Times has no input in their selections.)

Chichester's Duffy Gilhool, right, and Interboro's Steve Phillips collide once again, this time legally on the All-Del Val team. (Times Staff / JULIA WILKINSON)

Chichester’s Duffy Gilhool, right, and Interboro’s Steve Phillips collide once again, this time legally on the All-Del Val team. (Times Staff / JULIA WILKINSON)

First Team

C: Steve Phillips, Interboro
1B: Christian Sims, Chichester
2B: Jeff Finley, Interboro
3B: Brian Snyder, Chichester
SS: Billy Ketler, Interboro
DH: Frank Paterek, Chichester
OF: Duffy Gilhool, Chichester; Danny Murray, Chichester; Pat Cashin, Interboro
P: Eric Baiocco, Chichester; Ryan Janvier, Chichester; Zack Previte, Glen Mills

Second Team

C: Josh Speakman, Chichester
1B: Jason Schwartz, Interboro
2B: Bobby Jones, Chichester
3B: Sean Menold, Interboro
SS: Brian Baldwin, Chichester
DH: Brad Schuerle, Glen Mills
OF: C.J. Cardell, Interboro; Brady DiGiacomo, Interboro; Howard Watkins, Glen Mills
P: Robert Buck, Penn Wood; Billy Fallon, Academy Park; Doug Outleaf, Penn Wood

Third Team

C: Raheem Williams, Glen Mills
1B: Luke McCann, Penn Wood
2B: Juvenal Robles, Glen Mills
3B: Ryan Miller, Glen Mills
SS: Billy Fallon, Academy Park
DH: Tariq Mapp, Penn Wood
OF: Marlin Jackson, Academy Park; Dontae Coates, Glen Mills; Brandon Cerdan, Penn Wood
P: Jason Lincoln, Interboro; Thomas Santerangelo, Glen Mills

Honorable Mention

C: Rob Penn, Penn Wood
1B: Hunter Sagaiga, Glen Mills
2B: Rian Bluford, Penn Wood
3B: Daniel Allen, Penn Wood
SS: Kevin Gales, Penn Wood; Munib Tapia, Glen Mills; Jose Cruz, Chester
OF: Steven Jolley, Glen Mills; Tamir Ware, Academy Park; Rashif Brown, Penn Wood; Kevin Autry, Penn Wood; Angelo Melicio, Chester
P: Taylor Moors, Academy Park; Ryan Glover, Penn Wood; Ryan Miller, Glen Mills

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