Softball: Super 7, May 14

The last Super 7 of the regular season. Enjoy.

Records and comments reflect games through Tuesday, May 13.

1. Springfield (17-2)

The entire body of work is what counts here. I’m not overlooking the clunker against Radnor, but from top to bottom, Cougars have shown they are the most consistent team in the county. And that’s what still makes them No. 1.

2. Cardinal O’Hara (13-3)

The Lions hit a speed bump as two straight losses to Bonner-Prendergast and Archbishop Ryan ruined their shot at earning the No. 1 seed in the Catholic League playoffs. Still, this team is still capable of mashing its way to the Catholic League title. O’Hara plays its quarterfinal round game Thursday against Arch. Carroll.

3. Radnor (13-4)

Inconsistent is the best way to describe the Raiders, but they could be the favorite in District One Class AAA after beating Springfield twice. They just have to show up and perform come playoff time, something they’ve struggled to do the last two years.

4. Chichester (17-2)

The Eagles could have beaten O’Hara Monday (as in, they were winning late in the game). Another Delco team that will vie for the District One Class AAA title and is as good as or better than anyone they’ll face.

5. Episcopal Academy (11-2)

Only thing holding them bac from winning the Inter-Ac League is defense, apparently. The loss to Penn Charter last week hurt.

6. Bonner-Prendergast (10-6, I think)

A few days after beating arguably the top hitting team in Delco, they lose 1-0 to Arch. Carroll.

7. Ridley (10-7)

The Green Raiders entered Wednesday riding a four-game winning streak, including a shutout of Upper Darby. Remember that game, because it could ultimately leave the Royals out of the playoffs and put the Raiders in, but we’ll know for sure Thursday. I’d like to think 10 wins would be enough for Ridley to make the District One AAAA bracket.


Agnes Irwin

Garnet Valley



Upper Darby


7 thoughts on “Softball: Super 7, May 14

  1. joke how can Ridley be higher than Interboro when Interboro beat them and also Haverford and Penncrest and only lost to Springfield 3-1 from the central league. You need to get out and watch more. Central league also have some teams like Penn Wood and Academy park (Harriton,StrathHaven, Lower Merion). that are easy wins also. rethink your thoughs.

    • Just an FYI… this Super 7 does not take into account games that were played on Wednesday, so the Interboro-Haverford game was not factored into the making of this week’s rankings.

      Interboro has had a nice season, but I can’t always base a Super 7 on who beat whom, especially in softball where there’s way too much parity in the county. It’s clear that the top teams in the county can beat each other on “any given day,” as they say. This is why, as I explained, Springfield is still No. 1. Ridley, I feel, has been playing well as of late. Last I checked, Interboro went 0-3 vs. Chi. That should count against Interboro, don’t ya think?

      I’ve seen Interboro twice. I’ve seen everyone on this list at least once. Even with added responsibilities (covering lacrosse), I’ve seen all the top softball teams in Delco. Not sure what you’re talking about when you say, “You should get out more.”

    • I’m sorry, but going 0-3 vs the only legit opponent in the Del Val League (Chichester) does more damage for Interboro’s Super 7 case than any win would do to help. In the end they fell just short. Had the Super 7 been published after they beat Haverford (which ONLY Delco team in the District One AAAA tournament), they might have squeaked in ahead of Ridley.

      By using the “We beat so-and-so, so why are they in the Super 7 and we’re not?” argument, Radnor would be No. 1. And a case could certainly be made for Radnor because they beat the No. 1 team (Springfield) not once, but twice. But as I mentioned in my post, I’m more concerned with a team’s entire body of work over specific games, and Springfield — as a whole — has played better than anyone

    • Hal your clueless put Us and Chichester in that central
      league and alot of teams will have way more losses.Central league is just like every other league there are good team and dog teams,

  2. I can understand Coach Wilsons frustration on being left out of the Super 7, but I think that stems from being left out of the District 1 AAAA playoffs.Dont need to tell you Matt,Interboro finished 13-6.Not only beating Ridley,but Upper Merion,Council Rock South and Haverford.All 3 advancing to the playoffs.I guess the “good ol boys club” in Bucks and Montco all raise their hands for their neighbors and dont even look down here in Delco.They add us to their schedule thinking it will be a easy victory but they find out otherwise.And for losing to Chi, and not being Del Val champs for only the 2nd time in 10 years that I’ve been there,if we finished 17-3,where would we be then ? The Super 7 is just one reporters take on who deserves (or earns) to be there.P.S. I have seen you,Matt, at many Interboro games and we thank you for your coverage our Lady Bucs.

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