How to Report Scores to the Daily Times

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Dear Coaches:

The spring season is here and we want your results. By phone, email or fax, the delivery system does not matter, as long as you report your results to the Daily Times.

We pride ourselves on being the scholastic sports authority in Delaware County, but we need your help to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Reporting is easy. The phone number to report scores is 610-622-8070. The email addresses are and And the fax number, for those still using that technology, is 610-622-8887.

Put those numbers and email addresses in the front of your scorebook so you, your manager or whoever will be reporting scores have easy access to it.

First and foremost, we are a daily news organization so games must be reported the day they are played. That has always been our policy. We may have to hold the result in print for a day because of our deadlines, but we will get in on our web site.

Speaking of deadlines, we ask that afternoon events be reported by 7:30. This has been our policy for more than three decades. Evening and night events should be reported as soon as possible after the game.
Our policy has been that it is the responsibility of the home or the Delco team to report results. A reminder that schools such as Harriton, Lower Merion and Conestoga are not in Delaware County and do not report results to us. However, if your league requires the winning team to report, that is fine, as long the game is reported.

Also, if the coaches from Conestoga, Harriton, Lower Merion want to report scores to us, we’ll take it, especially when you’re playing a Delco team.

The most important information is that we have first and last names for both teams so please have your managers make sure this information is supplied in the scorebook. As far as details from the game, here is a breakdown by sport of the information we require by sport.

Baseball and softball: Final score, score by innings, total runs, hits and errors for each team; winning pitcher, losing pitcher and any extra base hits.
Boys and girls lacrosse: Final score, score by periods (quarters for boys, halves for girls) individual goal scorers for each team, goalies and number of saves each goalie had.
Boys and girls track: Final score, winner in each event, school and time or distance.
Boys tennis: Final score and result of each singles and doubles match and the score. Please give the winner first.
Boys volleyball: Final score, individual game scores and highlights (kills, digs, blocks, aces, etc).

Please be prepared to have additional information such as who drove in the winning run, scored the winning goal or came up big in the contest. We want to do more than rehash the box score. The more information you can give us the better.

The most important factor, though, is to report your result. We cannot inform our readers and subscribers without your help so call, email or fax. Your athletes put in a lot of time and hard work and deserve to be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments.

Let us be the vehicle to report that news.


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