Hockey: Super 7, Jan. 15

Time for another shuffle of the deck. No. 1 might look familiar though.

William Huhn, left, and Ridley couldn't edge Garnet Valley's Nico Gricco last Friday -- or in this week's Super 7. (Times Staff/ROBERT J. GURECKI)

William Huhn, left, and Ridley couldn’t edge Garnet Valley’s Nico Gricco last Friday — or in this week’s Super 7. (Times Staff/ROBERT J. GURECKI)

1. Garnet Valley (11-0-1) Last week: No. 1

Remember those reservations about the Jags? Yeah, me neither. Though they hold a two-game edge in the loss column on everyone, I don’t see the Central League as done and dusted yet because Garnet Valley still has Radnor twice, Ridley and Haverford. One after another, that’s a tough slate. But it will take more than one stumble – and at the hands of a team that pretty much runs the table – for the Jags to fall from their perch.

2. Haverford (10-3-1) Last Week: No. 3

The Fords get the edge over Ridley because in their season split, Haverford won 4-1 to Ridley’s 3-1. The difference is about that small, and they’d produce a pretty good seven-game series. They also boast arguably the two best goaltenders in Delco in Haverford’s Joey Harant and Ridley’s Brendahn Brawley. There’s no coincidence between the goaltending prowess and their ranking in the Super 7.

3. Ridley (9-3-0) Last week: No. 4

The Green Raiders, according to their schedule, have 17 days to prepare for Springfield Jan. 27. That’s a long, long time, though it’s a vulnerable looking Cougars squad.

4. Springfield (7-4-0) Last Week: No. 2

I almost can’t believe that, with all the pieces returning from last year’s team, the Cougars are this far down. But the truth is that this is a one-line team with a thin defense. The point totals for the Cougars: All-Delco Kyle Riddle 39, All-Delco Ryan Brawley 32, Tyler Riddle 25, Tom Coll 18, Dan Madonna 10. The production falls off a table. The defenseman with the highest point total is Rich Brown with five. Being on the ice with the Brawley-Riddles line should be good for 10 points by osmosis.

5. Cardinal O’Hara (5-7-0) Last Week: No. 6

The Lions have started to put things together a little bit. But the offense just hasn’t come along. They still have just one point-per-game player overall (none, though, over eight league games), and it’s defenseman Andrew Beck. The schedule has some opportunities coming up, but the Lions need to beat teams other than Archbishop Ryan and Roman Catholic to gain some momentum before Flyers Cup. Maybe vanquishing a suspect La Salle team this season?

6. Radnor (7-3-0) Last Week: No. 5

The Raiders are taking care of business against the teams they should beat, which is worth something. But things are going to get rough coming up – they’ve got back-to-back games against Garnet Valley, plus two left against Springfield, and one each against Ridley and Haverford. In games against the teams ahead of them, they’ve been blown out this season, 8-2 by Haverford and 6-1 by Ridley.

7. Episcopal Academy (4-2-1) Last Week: No. 7

With the struggles at the bottom of the Central League, the pair of EA-Haverford School games in the next two weeks will largely determine this last spot, and perhaps higher. I’m sure that won’t be the biggest thing at stake those days.

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