Field Hockey: Final 2013 Stats Leaders

Bonner-Prendergast's Sierra Stretch, left, finished second in the Delco goals race. TIMES STAFF/JULIA WILKINSON

Bonner-Prendergast’s Sierra Stretch, left, finished second in the Delco goals race.

Here are the final statistical leaders for the 2013 season. As always, these stats are strictly tabulated according to the games reported to the Daily Times. If there’s a correction to be made, please don’t leave it in the comments. It will be deleted. Send it to Corrections must be verified by a team coach. One more thing: if your name is misspelled, please let me know by emailing me (again, that’s I try to get every name spelled correctly and sometimes, I miss one or two. Sorry in advance. Just kindly let me know if it’s misspelled or that’s what we’ll keep calling you in the paper.

*Chichester and Sacred Heart stats incomplete

Goals (10 or more)

Moira Putsch, Notre Dame, 54

Sierra Stretch, Bonner-Prendergast, 37

Marissa Cicione, Cardinal O’Hara, 35

Grace Boston, Cardinal O’Hara, 33

Sophia Tornetta, Agnes Irwin, 33

Margaux Paolino, Episcopal Academy, 24

Lydia Sydnor, Radnor, 23

Julianna Tornetta, Agnes Irwin, 22

Lexie Curry, Episcopal Academy, 21

Quinn Maguire, Notre Dame, 20

Lucy Maguire, Agnes Irwin, 18

Meredith Campbell, Archbishop Carroll, 17

Lexi Kenneally, Radnor, 14

Jess Randazzo, Cardinal O’Hara, 14

Andrea Govannicci, Strath Haven, 13

Eva Michaliszyn, Penncrest, 13

Brittany Talley, Garnet Valley, 13

Tess Horan, Haverford, 12

Taylor Leonhardt, Notre Dame, 12

Grace Midgley, Archbishop Carroll, 12

Hannah Zubyk, Delco Christian, 12

Katie Keyser, Garnet Valley, 11

Mady McLennan, Agnes Irwin, 11

Maddie Snider, Notre Dame, 11

Shivani Chinnappan, Garnet Valley, 10

Tori Crumlish, Bonner-Prendergast, 10

Dana Davis, Garnet Valley, 10

Taylor Eubanks, Ridley, 10

Molly Savage, Garnet Valley, 10

Gabby Sutter, Archbishop Carroll, 10

Assists (Eight or more)

Moira Putsch, Notre Dame, 29

Grace Boston, Cardinal O’Hara, 25

Sophia Tornetta, Agnes Irwin, 25

Quinn Maguire, Notre Dame, 19

Julianna Tornetta, Agnes Irwin, 18

Dana Davis, Garnet Valley, 16

Sam Swart, Archbishop Carroll, 15

Lydia Sydnor, Radnor, 14

Lexie Curry, Episcopal Academy, 12

Taylor Leonhardt, Notre Dame, 12

Margaux Paolino, Episcopal Academy, 12

Jax van der Veen, Agnes Irwin, 12

Mary Anne Young, Bonner-Prendergast, 10

Marissa Cicione, Cardinal O’Hara, 9

Christy Palazzese, Episcopal Academy, 9

Maddie Bacskai, Episcopal Academy, 8

Jess Campbell, Bonner-Prendergast, 8

Points (15 or more)

Moira Putsch, Notre Dame, 83

Grace Boston, Cardinal O’Hara, 58

Sophia Tornetta, Agnes Irwin, 58

Marissa Cicione, Cardinal O’Hara, 44

Sierra Stretch, Bonner-Prendergast, 44

Julianna Tornetta, Agnes Irwin, 40

Quinn Maguire, Notre Dame, 39

Lydia Sydnor, Radnor, 37

Margaux Paolino, Episcopal Academy, 36

Lexie Curry, Episcopal Academy, 33

Dana Davis, Garnet Valley, 26

Lucy Maguire, Agnes Irwin, 25

Taylor Leonhardt, Notre Dame, 24

Meredith Campbell, Archbishop Carroll, 22

Micaela Beaty, Bonner-Prendergast, 21

Jess Randazzo, Cardinal O’Hara, 21

Sam Swart, Archbishop Carroll, 20

Lexi Kenneally, Radnor, 19

Jax van der Veen, Agnes Irwin, 19

Jess Campbell, Bonner-Prendergast, 17

Riley Dolan, Bonner-Prendergast, 17

Andrea Govannicci, Strath Haven, 17

Mady McLennan, Agnes Irwin, 17

Eva Michaliszyn, Penncrest, 17

Molly Savage, Garnet Valley, 17

Alex Bonser, Strath Haven, 16

Tess Horan, Haverford, 16

Katie Keyser, Garnet Valley, 16

Grace Midgley, Archbishop Carroll, 16

Christy Palazzese, Episcopal Academy, 16

Brittany Talley, Garnet Valley, 16

Mary Anne Young, Bonner-Prendergast, 16

Hannah Zubyk, Delco Christian, 16

Maddie Bacskai, Episcopal Academy, 15

Shivani Chinnappan, Garnet Valley, 15

Tori Crumlish, Bonner-Prendergast, 15

Taylor Eubanks, Ridley, 15

Save Percentage (80 percent or better, must be a starter)

Gianna Pileggi, Episcopal Academy, 89.1 percent

Megan Peterson, Marple Newtown, 88.1 percent

Ally Scanlon, Springfield, 85.8 percent

Rachael Pope, Delco Christian, 85.4 percent

Darriel Bennett, Academy Park, 83.9 percent

Hailey Valerio, Garnet Valley, 83.9 percent

Katie Wyman, Haverford, 83.0 percent

Cara Connors, Bonner-Prendergast, 82.8 percent

Kerri Mountz, Archbishop Carroll, 82.5 percent

Liz Piszker, Cardinal O’Hara, 81.1 percent

Caroline Boyd, Strath Haven, 80.2 percent

Kerri Rickards, Upper Darby, 80.2 percent

Saves (100 or more)

Ally Scanlon, Springfield, 283

Brielle McQuiston, Penncrest, 203

Megan Peterson, Marple Newtown, 185

Cara Connors, Bonner-Prendergast, 178

Katie Wyman, Haverford, 176

Ashley Gubernick, Radnor, 165

Caroline Boyd, Strath Haven, 158

Natalie Hrabrick, Sacred Heart, 151*

Hailey Valerio, Garnet Valley, 135

Kerri Mountz, Archbishop Carroll, 132

Gianna Pileggi, Episcopal Academy, 123

Kerri Rickards, Upper Darby, 123

Kathryn Delgiorno, Sun Valley, 122

Rachael Pope, Delco Christian, 105

Shutouts (Three or more)

Gabby Carlini, Notre Dame, 11

Gianna Pileggi, Episcopal Academy, 11

Liz Piszker, Cardinal O’Hara, 11

Cara Connors, Bonner-Prendergast 8

Kerri Mountz, Archbishop Carroll, 8

Rachael Pope, Delco Christian, 5

Hailey Valerio, Garnet Valley, 5

Megan Peterson, Marple Newtown, 4

Ally Scanlon, Springfield, 4

Katie Wyman, Haverford, 4

Darriel Bennett, Academy Park, 3

Caroline Boyd, Strath Haven, 3

Caitlin Johnson, Ridley, 3

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