Boys Soccer: View from the touchline, Radnor-CB West

Radnor saw its season come to an end Tuesday with a 1-0 loss at the hands of Central Bucks West. I didn’t have much space in which to distill the keys from what was a really entertaining game, but a few spare thoughts …

Radnor forward Sam Camp, seen practicing Monday, almost had the opening goal in the Raiders playoff loss to CB West Tuesday.(Times Staff / ERIC HARTLINE)

Radnor forward Sam Camp, right, seen practicing Monday, almost had the opening goal in the Raiders playoff loss to CB West Tuesday.(Times Staff / ERIC HARTLINE)

– We can talk about injuries all day with Radnor – and I did Monday. But what went under the radar Tuesday is that they played most of the second half without James Cellucci, who was struggling with a back injury on the sidelines. Cellucci’s ability to stretch the field, with his speed and his distribution, was sorely missed.

– It was briefly alluded to in the story, but it’s worth mentioning again since a fullback rarely stands out for the right reasons. Sasha Abadi was excellent Tuesday. He cleared a ball off the line in the second minute of the game, made a perfect tackle to stop an attack in the second half and had several other crucial interventions to stop attacks by the Bucks. Abadi’s poise on the ball also gave the Raiders a welcome bit of calm when they finally got possession.

– One of the most interesting matchups of the game was CB West sweeper Kyle Schechter and lanky Radnor defender Andrew Lundstom. The odd thing is that it’s a matchup that shouldn’t have been. In order to combat the height of Schechter, Radnor coach Joe Caruolo had Lundstrom slide into the midfield on any long ball played – goal kicks, long free kicks, etc. That meant Adrian Moscol had to slide back in defense temporarily. It was an interesting shuffle, and it certainly didn’t do much to dampen the aerial domination of Schechter.

– I don’t understand how Delco teams constantly lose the physicality battles when they face Bucks County teams. It happens in both boys and girls, and while it wasn’t as pronounced between these two, the Bucks were decidedly the more physical team.

– I guess we should get to the Sam Camp goal that wasn’t. The ball that Camp chipped over defender and goalkeeper clearly hit the football crossbar as well as the soccer crossbar before coming back into the field of play for Camp to bury. The question that needs to be asked is why it took a referee 50 yards behind the play, not the one standing inside the six-yard box, to see (or hear) that.

– One of the most emotionally broken up after the game was goalkeeper Ryan Freedman, one of seven seniors to take part in the game. He had reason to be, since it was his phenomenal save on Stephen Werner that gave his team new life. He made seven saves in all, one utterly fantastic.

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