Field Hockey: Garnet Valley 2014 forward Katie Keyser commits to Stanford

Garnet Valley senior Katie Keyser has committed to Stanford. TIMES STAFF/JULIA WILKINSON

Garnet Valley senior Katie Keyser has committed to Stanford.

Katie Keyser got the email Wednesday night, but it wasn’t until the next morning that the Garnet Valley 2014 forward saw it.

Stanford coach Tara Danielson wanted to speak with Keyser at her earliest convenience, but the speedy Jaguar didn’t see the email until first period the next day in school.

“I was freaking out in school,” Keyser said. “I was going to call during lunch, but then thought I’d just call during practice. Then she called me while I was going to take a math test, and I obviously wasn’t going to answer it during class.”

A wise move from Keyser. She listened to Danielson’s voicemail en route to practice, which urged her to call before Danielson boarded a flight to New York, where the Cardinal will play this weekend. Keyser made the call with 10 minutes to spare, only to hear …

“She said, ‘you’ve been approved,'” Keyser said excitedly. “How it basically works is that if you accept the application, you’re saying you’re going to go there if you get approved (before you get approved.)”

It was an easy call for Keyser, then, to commit to joining the Cardinal’s class of 2018.

Keyser’s commitment is conditional based on grades. Getting a C in one of her classes could lead to her falling out of favor with Stanford, but that doesn’t seem likely.

“I’ve never gotten a C before,” Keyser said, “so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Keyser should feel right at home in Palo Alto (Calif.), but at first, she didn’t envision herself playing in the Pac-12.

“When I was a freshman, I just thought Penn State was the best school, because that’s what everyone thinks then,” said Keyser, who had 19 goals and 11 assists last year en route to earning a second-team All-Delco nod. “But my coach at the Junior Olympics (Pat Cota) is an assistant at Stanford and he reached out to me. At first, I kind of blew it off, but my dad (Tim) was like, ‘no, you have to do this.’ Once I got out there, I was in love.”

Keyser’s visit during the spring of her junior year gave her the idea that Stanford was the place for her, and while Lehigh and Villanova also made strong pushes for her services, she found the allure of playing on The Farm to be too much to pass up… especially the location.

“I mean, look at the location,” said Keyser, who plays club for Horizon. “I don’t think it can get much better than California. But it was just coach (Danielson) in general. I love the way she talks about the game. When she starts talking about it, you can tell she’s fired up and she’s passionate.”

Keyser will go in undecided, but mentioned that she’s leaning toward human biology with an eye on potentially being a dentist. Or there’s another route, one where she’d potentially major in a foreign language like French and dabble in anthropology with the chance of doing a study abroad program.

Either way, she’ll have a wealth of options at one of the best schools in the country.

Keyser is the sixth public Delco 2014 verbal and the first from Garnet Valley. The full list of college commitments can be found here.

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