Girls Lacrosse: All-Del Val teams

Interboro sophomore Sami Barnett headlines the All-Del Val team.  TIMES STAFF/JULIA WILKINSON

Interboro sophomore Sami Barnett headlines the All-Del Val team.

The All-Del Val League team has been released. Find out who made the cut. As always, we at the Daily Times have absolutely nothing to do with these selections. They are strictly based off coaches’ voting.

First Team


Erin Hastings, Junior, Chichester

Rosemarie Reitman, Junior, Academy Park


Sami Barnett, Sophomore, Interboro

Brianna Golden, Senior, Interboro

Alexia Ellis, Senior, Interboro

Tequila Donnelly, Junior, Chichester

Rachel Adams, Senior, Chichester

Ashley Dambreville, Junior, Academy Park

Gabby Lee, Junior, Academy Park


Natalie Fury, Junior, Interboro

Mackenzie Fredericks, Sophomore, Chichester

Victoria Hagel, Senior, Chichester

Memuna Sillah, Junior, Academy Park


Breezie Latham, Junior, Interboro

Megan Barlow, Senior, Academy Park

Second Team


Angelina Perkins, Junior, Chichester

Aminata Sesay, Junior, Penn Wood


Cait Bosch, Sophomore, Interboro

Alyssa Clausen, Freshman, Chichester

Rachel Lawler, Junior, Chichester

Mariam Daramy, Junior, Academy Park

Zainab Fofana, Junior, Penn Wood


Anna Harley, Senior, Interboro

Lauren Stewart, Senior, Interboro

Jess Martin, Junior, Interboro

Brianna Robinson, Senior, Academy Park

Kanyin Odunjo, Sophomore, Penn Wood


Cydnee Toland-Holmes, Senior, Penn Wood

Honorable Mention

Academy Park

Mariah Baker, Senior

Nicole Dominick, Junior

Michelle Young, Junior


Mackenzie Miller, Freshman

Tina Rybak, Junior


Jess Edmiston, Senior

Britt Hart, Senior

Penn Wood

Abdulrahman Ali, Senior.

Brianna Dudley, Senior

Nadirah Barber, Sophomore

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