Boys Lacrosse: The Haverford School’s Kip Taviano killed in a car accident

The Haverford School's Kip Taviano, left, seen here in a game earlier this season, was killed Tuesday in a car accident.  PHOTO COURTESY OF PHILLYLACROSSE.COM

The Haverford School’s Kip Taviano, left, seen here in a game earlier this season, was killed Tuesday in a car accident.

The tone of Garnet Valley coach Frank Urso‘s voice said it all.

Much lower, a lot more subdued and filled with grief and shock, Urso struggled to describe it all. Kip Taviano, an attackman at The Haverford School who played for Urso at the Brandywine Youth Club, was killed Tuesday when he lost control of his car on Smithbridge Road in Concord Township and swerved into the path of an oncoming vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“The kids are devastated,” Urso said. “I coached him for a few years and he was just an unbelievable kid. The type of kid who cares more about others than himself. He was giving back a lot. Giving a lot of time to the youth league. He was a great teammate and he came from a great family. He’d ref games and be helping the kids all the time. It’s just terrible.”

The Haverford School's Kip Taviano (the one towering over everyone) during the national anthem prior to his last lacrosse game, a 13-11 win over Malvern Prep in the Inter-Ac Invitational final.  PHOTO COURTESY OF LISA AMENT

The Haverford School’s Kip Taviano (the one towering over everyone) during the national anthem prior to his last lacrosse game, a 13-11 win over Malvern Prep in the Inter-Ac Invitational final.

Urso and Taviano’s father, Jim, coached together for four years at the BYC, meaning that Urso and Kip had also forged a very close relationship. Many of Urso’s Jaguars players were friends with Taviano, who had committed to Furman University, so Urso will have his hands full in getting them ready for tonight’s state tournament game against Great Valley.

“We were out on the field (at practice) when we found out,” Urso said. “We stopped everything and there was a candlelight ceremony for him on the field. They had their senior trip to Hershey, too, so it was a long, draining day. I don’t know what they have left.”

Urso was also tasked with breaking the news to his Garnet Valley players, and when he was finally able to deliver the message, it had a major effect on everyone.

“When coach Urso said that name, I had no words. It was just shock,” GV senior midfielder Jonathan Vandenberg said. “He was going to be my teammate again (at Furman) and I was just so excited playing back with him again. I knew that in the first practice, I’d have someone I knew to throw the ball with.”

“We just told his dad, you know, ‘we’re going to play this one (today) for Kip’. We’re all wearing shirts with No. 10 on the back. That was his number at BYC.”

Senior attackman Robert Raucci knew something was up when the Jaguars’ coaches were all crying and a BYC practice next to GV’s was halted at the same time.

“We knew something tragic happened,” Raucci said. “And finally, it felt like 10 minutes before coach Urso got the name out. He said, ‘one of your friends died in a car crash,’ and finally said the name, Kip Taviano. I’ll just remember the great times we had. We won a lot of championships as a team through BYC and he was just a great kid, always cracking jokes.”

“I know he’ll be watching down,” Raucci said. “I really feel like we can use it to our advantage. I know Kip would be happy if we made a run at states.”

From a school press release…

“It is with great sadness that we report the death of Haverford School senior Kip Taviano, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident Tuesday evening.

The School community is shocked and saddened, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the Taviano family and Kip’s many friends. Kip was loved by all who knew him, and he will be missed dearly. We will work together today and in the weeks to come to support our boys and community in dealing with this tragedy.

Taviano entered The Haverford School in ninth grade and will be remembered for his affable personality. He was a respected member of the varsity football and lacrosse teams. In October 2012, Taviano committed to play for the new Division I lacrosse program at Furman University beginning in fall 2013.

We will share more information as details become available. Thank you to all for your continued support and the outpouring of thoughts and prayers for the Taviano family.”

18 thoughts on “Boys Lacrosse: The Haverford School’s Kip Taviano killed in a car accident

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  2. read the actual accounts of what happened and know if he didn’t recklessly drive and speed he would be still alive.I don’t care how good of a player he was or how many friends he had if he slowed down and did drive like a normal person he would be alive today. Report the actual news not make him seem like the victim when he was the cause.

    • So because he drove the way he did, he deserved to die? Seems a little bit excessive. Maybe it’s just me.

      Our news department is actively working on a news-only story. If you want that so you can try to justify a kid’s death because he was doing what most teenagers do at some point, have at it.

      I was asked to get reactions from those who knew Kip, so actually, I did my job. If you don’t like it, absolutely no one is forcing you to read this.


      • I drove up on the accident Mac…the roads were very slick. I was driving my three kids, not speeding and my car slipped on the road twice before I got to the accident scene….it’s a hairpin turn and his young age and inexperience made it more difficult to navigate safely…either way, who are you to judge this amazing kid? Should we mourn less for him if he was speeding? Certainly you have better things to do than to post pathetic comments to a community grieving the loss of a young man with such a bright future in front of him.

      • As a member of Kip’s extended family I just want to say how grateful we are to news media for providing so many loving quotations and remembrances from Kip’s friends, teammates, and coaches. We knew and loved him and thought he was wonderful–just like any family feels about their own members. But in this time of so much pain and sorrow, to hear the comments from people who might be strangers to some of us about how much Kip meant to them brings us more comfort than anyone could know. There are hours that feel dark and desperate to us, knowing that he is gone. But reading the kind and loving remarks you have gathered and published helps ease that pain. Thank you.

    • Mac, you are a complete piece of crap. A kid died…perhaps it should have been you instead. Have some respect and sympathy. Accidents happen….that is whaly they are called accidents.

    • Mac you are a clown. The kid drove that road every day for 2 years to and from school. He knew it very well. His wheels could have been bald, he could have changed the channel on the radio, a bird could have hit his window. You have no clue and are a clown to assume he was driving carelessly. Any number of things could have happened and assumptions are for clowns like you. It was 5pm on a Tuesday and the guy was very close to home on a road everyone knows is exceptionally dangerous. The news is that a young man tragically passed away and the community has come together to remember him and support his family.

    • a seventeen year old boy is killed in an accident and this is your response ? Wow.. you sir.. are one cold hearted son of a bitch Im sure his parents who Im proud to say are friends of mine take comfort from your words.

    • The road was wet and it was raining out. You’re stupid for thinking that it was his fault it was an accident nobody’s fault. Its tragic and you should be ashamed. I can’t believe that some rude and ignorant people actually blame the kid. Who are you to judge another? Find a heart and some empathy. I couldn’t stop thinking about his family all day. Mine and many others’ prayers go to his family. 😥

    • Gee, what a compassionate human being you must be! A young man’s life is tragically snuffed out on a dangerous wet road. The record will eventually show what happened. Maybe he made a mistake in judgment, maybe it was completely unavoidable. Time will tell. So what! Who among us never has made a mistake like that? There but for the grace of God go you and I. It is a time to mourn a tragedy, not a time to be condescending and scornful. Hopefully others will be more understanding when you make your next mistake(writing this comment was certainly a huge one by you), but it would certainly be understandable if venom rained down upon you and you were scorned by all. In the meantime, you might want consider a prayer or two for the young man as well as his grieving family and friends. No one deserves to go through the agony that they must endure, but then idiots like you have to rub more salt into their gaping wounds. After you get done praying, an apology would seriously be in order to anyone who had the misfortune to read your sanctimonious and condescending comments. By all accounts the life of a wonderful young man from a loving family with countless friends ended suddenly and tragically. It is time for bereaving not berating. Think about it.

    • We are all guilty of speeding on the road… not everyone is perfect! You should be ashamed of yourself for posting a ridiculous comment when this poor boy’s family and friends are grieving over his loss. If I were you, I’d keep my opinion to myself! This is not a time to be rude and ignorant to the fact that someone has died. If you had this happen to you or one of your acquaintances, would you want some jackass posting some bullshit comment? Think before you post because you would not have the balls to say it in front of this young boy’s family! Quit hiding behind the computer and show some respect!

      I personally am extremely sorry and am praying for the family and friends of Kip! Even though I did not get the privileged of meeting him I’m sure he was extraordinary!

    • Dear God – he’s a kid who, according to your message, made a mistake. Where is your compassion and humanity? It’s tragic and that is is crazy road for young drivers. I hope these hateful words do not come back to haunt you someday.

  3. Kip Taviano was not only a classy and respectful young man, he was the best young official that the Chester County Lacrosse Association had.
    We have lost a true winner!

  4. Mac you are a terrible human being. A 17 year old “boy” dies and thats what you have to say.

    Unbelievable. Hard to believe people are like this.

  5. My daughter wrecked our car on that same turn a few months ago on wet roads. Had someone been coming in the other lane, we would have been in the same situation. It is a dangerous stretch of road.

  6. Mac, I feel sorry for you. You obviously don’t have much love or many friends in your life. You either don’t have any children or if you do you must not understand the love that you feel for them. It is bigger than the universe. I try and teach my kids to respect people’s opinions but I’m making an exception in this case, Shut your mouth! Somebody that takes advantage of a tragedy to make others feel bad is a loser and you sir are a big one.
    To the Taviano family, we did not know Kip personally but we have 3 children our oldest being a 13 year old boy and our hearts are broken for you. May the angels watch over Kip and your entire family forever.

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