Boys Lacrosse: All-Catholic League teams

In the stunner of the century, La Salle two-time All-American Matt Rambo claimed Catholic League MVP honors. PHOTO COURTESTY OF PHILLYLACROSSE.COM

In the stunner of the century, La Salle two-time All-American Matt Rambo claimed Catholic League MVP honors.

The All-Catholic League team has finally been released. Find out who made the cut. As always, we at the Daily Times have absolutely nothing to do with these selections. They are strictly based off coaches’ voting.

Most Valuable Player

MVP – Matt Rambo, attack, La Salle

First Team


Chris Rahill, Senior, Archbishop Wood

Jeff Cimbalista, Senior, La Salle

Matt Rambo, Senior, La Salle

Anthony Marini, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Joe Simpson, Junior, Cardinal O’Hara

Sean Coleman, Senior, La Salle

Steve Hudak, Junior, La Salle

Brian McNamara, Senior, La Salle

Joe Walsh, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep

Pat Walsh, Junior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Stefan Bergman, Senior, La Salle

Andrew Eidenshink, Senior, La Salle

Connor Resch, Senior, La Salle

Ryan Hieb, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Zach Long, Senior, Cardinal O’Hara

Andrew Grajewski, Senior, La Salle


Tim Coyle, Senior, Cardinal O’Hara

Mike Marchese, Sophomore, St. Joseph’s Prep

Second Team


Tim Keith, Senior, Archbishop Carroll

Andrew Coyle, Junior, Father Judge

Dom Moscariello, Junior, Lansdale Catholic

Scott Schuerle, Junior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Ben Lerario, Senior, Archbishop Carroll

John Berthcsi, Senior, Archbishop Wood

Chandler Grasela, Senior, Archbishop Wood

Evan DeHaven, Senior, Lansdale Catholic

Mike Pascali, Senior, La Salle

Mike Rihm, Junior, La Salle

Tyler Cliggett, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Anthony Dougherty, Senior, Archbishop Wood

Tim Aman, Senior, Cardinal O’Hara

Andrew Saldutti, Senior, Lansdale Catholic

Andrew Benedict, Junior, St. Joseph’s Prep


George Uhrich, Senior, La Salle

Pat Kane, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Nicholas Darmohray, Senior, Father Judge

Nick Hreshko, Senior, La Salle

Third Team


Shane Taylor, Sophomore, Archbishop Ryan

Keith Becker, Freshman, Archbishop Wood

Dan McNamara, Junior, Cardinal O’Hara

Dan McMenamin, Senior, Lansdale Catholic

Adam Schaal, Senior, La Salle

Kevin Stump, Freshman, St. Joseph’s Prep


Mark Pascavitch, Senior, Father Judge

Frank Antenuci, Senior, Lansdale Catholic

Peter White, Senior, Lansdale Catholic

Brendan McGonigle, Senior, La Salle

Will Jordan, Junior, St. Joseph’s Prep

Chase Young, Junior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Jason Higgins, Sophomore, Archbishop Ryan

Grant Udinski, Junior, Archbishop Wood

Alex Barbera, Senior, Cardinal O’Hara

Mike Cherry, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Ryan Bradley, Sophomore, Archbishop Ryan

Mack Schwartz, Freshman, Archbishop Wood

Chuck Goldstein, Junior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Mark Ostaszewski, Junior, Archbishop Ryan

Vince Manzo, Senior, Roman Catholic

Honorable Mention


Chip Byrne, Senior, Archbishop Carroll

Chaz Cason, Senior, Conwell-Egan

Ryan Ely, Senior, Conwell-Egan

Anthony Bottoms, Senior, Roman Catholic

Jack Adons, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Ryan Boornazian, Senior, Archbishop Carroll

Tyler Bollard, Sophomore, Archbishop Ryan

Brendan Furlong, Senior, Archbishop Wood

Andrew Guckin, Senior, Archbishop Wood

Connor Schultz, Senior, Archbishop Wood

Tom Shute, Senior, Archbishop Wood

Matt Bencivengo, Senior, Father Judge

Tom Bradley, Senior, Lansdale Catholic

Chris Rocco, Senior, La Salle

Connor McLaughlin, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep


Brian Liull, Senior, Archbishop Carroll

Scott Anderson, Senior, Archbishop Ryan

Jack Geoghegan, Senior, Lansdale Catholic

Sean Ebert, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep


John Slavin, Senior, Archbishop Wood

Matt Dennis, Senior, Lansdale Catholic


Ed Hennessey, Senior, Archbishop Wood

A.J. Simon, Senior, St. Joseph’s Prep

Coach of the Year: Frank Seibert, Father Judge

George Kruse Award: Jack Geoghegan, Lansdale Catholic

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