Boys Lacrosse: Who is Delco’s best goalie?

Is Radnor's Brendan Manderack the best goalie in Delco? PHOTO COURTESY OF PHILLYLACROSSE.COM

Is Radnor’s Brendan Manderack the best goalie in Delco?

OK, so here’s the problem. There are a lot of good to very good to maybe even elite goalies in the county this year. Choosing which one is the best will actually be pretty tough. I’ve been fortunate enough to see most of them this year, but I can always use some feedback, so let me know who you think the best goalie in the county is.

DISCLAIMER: This has absolutely zero bearing on All-Delco. You can win the poll and not be All-Delco and vice-versa. This just helps to give me a guideline. As with all All-Delco selections, the goalie spot will be picked after consultation with local coaches.

Voting will carry on through the end of the regular season. The only listed goalies are those with a save percentage better than 55 percent, though you can leave a vote for an unlisted goalie in the comments.

No player bashing. If you want to leave comment, tell me why your choice is good, not why the other one is bad. Insults will be deleted.


20 thoughts on “Boys Lacrosse: Who is Delco’s best goalie?

  1. Ian Callahan from Marple Newtown could be the best goalie. He has made incredible saves and only shots he has really let up are dumps on the crease, and even then he will stone players from up close.

  2. Manderack basically won the game for Radnor in a game they should not have won, he had something like 18 saves if I am not mistaken

  3. Colin reder is an outstanding goalie that is probably the best in the inter-ac and he is only a sophomore, he has been a young kid that has stood on his head so far this year for the Churchmen, he’s clutch making overtime offside saves that only the best can save. He has my vote

  4. 1) Conestoga is not in Delco last I checked
    2) If Ted Bergman wasn’t behind Steve Brodeur he would be a household name by now. Throws the best clear in Philly. Still waiting for a feature story on him

  5. As a radnor parent, my vote belongs to Brendan. But if I had to vote for another goalie, it would have to be Ted Bergman of Strath Haven. He stood on his head against us and kept his team within 2 goals the whole game. Both goalies were phenomenal!!

    • Conestoga is in Chester County idiot. Tredyffrin School District. You clearly have the internet you should’ve checked before you posted the second time.

      Go Soley!

  6. It’s clear you don’t read the Delco Times much b/c you’d know that Stoga and LM aren’t up for All-Delco Honors ever (as Brian Collins once said at Ball State “boom goes the dynamite”). But honestly all of these goalies are terrific. If you’re able to start for a Central League or InterAc school, you’re doing pretty good for yourself

  7. I’m the biggest fan of the Delco Times .. You didn’t here that Conestoga and Lower Marion were joining Delaware County? Sheesh, you guys don’t watch the news enuff. Morans.

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