Boys Basketball: Cardinal O’Hara fires Tim Kelly

Cardinal O'Hara's next basketball coach won't have Mike Louden, right, but will get the chance to coach 3-point specialist Andrew Louden. TIMES STAFF/JULIA WILKINSON

Cardinal O’Hara’s next basketball coach won’t have Mike Louden, right, but will get the chance to coach 3-point specialist Andrew Louden.

The first casualty of the coaching offseason is official.

Cardinal O’Hara athletic director Steve Langley confirmed that coach Tim Kelly will not return for the 2013-14 season after a year where the Lions went 8-14 overall and 2-11 in Catholic League play.

“Different direction,” Langley said when asked what led to the move.

You get the feeling that the record and some recent lean years for O’Hara led to Kelly being relieved of his duties and a 40-39 loss to archrival Bonner-Prendergast in the season finale didn’t help things, either.

With the vacancy in hand, Langley will look to move quickly to fill the position.

“The procedure in the Archdiocese is that a job, once it gets posted, has to be posted throughout the Archdiocese for 20 days,” Langley said. “Then we’ll accept any and all applications during that 20-day period. Once it’s posted, we’ll put it on our website and anyone that’s interested can apply.”

Whomever takes over the job will have a rebuilding job ahead, especially with leading scorers Mike Louden (Second-team All-Catholic League pick, 16 points per game, 25 3-pointers, 78.5 percent from the free-throw line) and Sean Havink (11.6 points per game, 38 3-pointers, 74.6 percent from the free-throw line) graduating.

Update: Click here for Kelly’s comments on the matter.


8 thoughts on “Boys Basketball: Cardinal O’Hara fires Tim Kelly

  1. Hopefully the new coach gets some actual support from the AD who fired him. That’s more then half the battle with the boys team over there. Getting some support from Freshmen up to the Varsity anywhere near what the girls get would go a long way in turning the program around. It would also help if other coaches in the school for the other sports didnt tell players they cant play 2 sports or they wont get any time.

    • What a total injustice to coach Kelly. He has done a lot with what he was given. Who is running things over there. Shame Ohara shame. You already know who the replacement is. Some friend of one of the alumi. Great example for your students.

  2. How can you ask a coach to perform miracles. You weren’t offering financial support or scholarships like your rivals are. It was never a level playing field. It is a disgusting way to treat a person that has given 20 years of his life to your program.
    You’ve lost my 4 kids because you’ve have taken the advice of your alumni that only ever read box scores and don’t bother to get up of their arse to attend games.

  3. Hopefully, the AD and alum will now realize you can’t completely hamstring a coach by essentially providing him with 0 recruitment incentives, i.e. scholarship money. I appreciate the idea behind wanting to be ethical but since the grade school cyo’s are cheating now too we might as well all do it. We are sending such a clear message to these kids… cheat and you will win but follow the rules and you will not only lose but get fired to boot. I am so perplexed as to what the archdiocese is actually doing nowadays??? How about some oversight of this sort of thing at all levels.

  4. I am so disappointed in my alma mater. I thought Cardinal O’Hara had values. Tim Kelly was a great coach and did the best he could with what he had. He taught the kids more than the game of basketball. That you listened to old rich alumni to get your money I now hope for years of losing records.
    You have now lost my alumni donations.

  5. I think it is terrible to get rid of Tim Kelly. How can you get rid of a man that not only is a great coach that devoted so many years to O’Hara but he actually cared about the kids and their well being too. It’s pathetic that AD Steve Langley’s only response was “different direction”. I hope that as an AD, you can provide a better response for someone that devoted so much time to the program with so many limited resources. Just seems a little cold.

  6. I think it is time for the Administration to fire Langley he is not the person to take this school into the next century of sports?? With this ultra competitive enrollment/business the President of the school needs to come out of the dark ages and hire someone who actually cares about what is going on at the school.It is a shame that this guy(langley) rides around the grounds to make everyone miserable instead of happy to go to this school. If the previous President was there, there would be no issues and the team all teams would have the full support of the AD and Administration. FIRE HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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