Boys Swimming: Super 7, Jan. 27

With just a couple of weeks left in the season, here’s a look at where the boys teams stand.

1. Radnor (8-0) Last Week: No. 2

The Red Raiders have just Marple Newtown, Penncrest and Springfield standing between them and a first Central League title since 2009; it would take Radnor beating itself substantially to have either of those teams spring an upset, and only Penncrest has a real chance of that.

Mitchell Gartland's Radnor team may just be the county's best. (Times Staff / JULIA WILKINSON)

Mitchell Gartland’s Radnor team may just be the county’s best. (Times Staff / JULIA WILKINSON)

2. Haverford School (3-1) Last Week: No. 1

I’ve tried to separate Radnor and Haverford School as best I can. I even took the times from the Haverford and Germantown Academy meets, respectively, and scored them out as a dual meet, and the result was 93-all (that was assuming an 8-8 split in diving, which is always a wild card). That leaves me to separate them the best way I know: Haverford School was first last time; let’s give Radnor a chance here.

3. Haverford (7-3) Last Week: No. 6

Haverford emerges from the crowd this week for a couple of reasons. I’m willing to write off their loss to Upper Darby as a bad day. The Fords also beat Penncrest, plus they lost to Radnor by a smaller margin than Strath Haven, with which they lock horns this week.

4. Strath Haven (8-2) Last Week: No. 3

The meet against Haverford will be telling. I think when it comes down to it, Strath Haven lacks a little relay depth; they can load up one relay as well as anyone in the county, but against Haverford, we’ll see if they can do any better than 2-3 in their nonleaded relays.

5. Penncrest (7-3) Last Week: No. 4

The road has kicked up, and Penncrest has stumbled against Haverford and Strath Haven, though the win over Upper Darby was impressive. Cheer up, only Conestoga and Radnor lie ahead. Wait, that’s not right…

6. Upper Darby (5-3) Last Week: No. 5

I know this seems low, but there’s just a little lack of depth to the Royals. Though they beat Haverford, the Royals slip because of the loss to Penncrest. Of the foursome of itself, Penncrest, Haven and Haverford, the Royals have just one win head-to-head; Penncrest has one (against UD), Haven has two and Haverford has one plus the potential to add a second against Haven this week.

7. Garnet Valley (4-5) Last Week: NR

The Jaguars climb into the rankings after beating injury-bug-bitten Ridley; we’ll see if they can spring a surprise on Upper Darby in the week’s final season.

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