Boys Swimming: Super 7, Jan. 10

After some ado, and not a lot of cooperation from a back-and-forth boys swimming field, we’re managed to sort through the confusion and generate a Super 7. So here goes (records through Jan. 9):

Haverford School All-Delco Jimmy Jameson has been a record-setting machine this season for the high-flying Fords. (Times Staff/JULIA WILKINSON)

Haverford School All-Delco Jimmy Jameson has been a record-setting machine this season for the high-flying Fords. (Times Staff/JULIA WILKINSON)

1. Haverford School (2-0)

Jimmy Jameson seems to down a school record every time he jumps in the water. They’ve only contested two meets this season, but the last was an impressive win over perennial juggernaut Germantown Academy. The Patriots lost a lot from last season, but beating such an iconic program is always impressive.

2. Radnor (5-0)

The Red Raiders are midway through an upset of Conestoga (more on that later). But perhaps the most impressive thing about the team is there depth. With the exception of breaststroker/IMer Mitchell Gartland, it’s rare for a Red Raider to win two events in a dual meet, yet they’ve still managed to take 41 of 44 event wins from their first four meets.

3. Strath Haven (6-0)

Big things were expected of the Panthers, and they’ve delivered this season behind Clay Resweber, perhaps one of the area’s best all-around swimmers. They’ll be tested in two weeks though, when the run a gauntlet composed of the team in front of them and behind in the Super 7.

4. Penncrest (6-0)

On strength of schedule, the Lions find themselves last of the three undefeated teams in the Central League. They’ve done a good job of winning the meets in front of them, including a battering of Ridley. But they’ll be tested in the season’s final five meets: Conestoga, Haverford, Radnor, Strath Haven and Upper Darby. Oh boy.

5. Upper Darby (3-3)

You try to figure out Upper Darby. They beat a short-handed Conestoga team (let’s not revisit that discussion) and lost to the three teams ahead of them. But they also came up big to beat a very good Haverford team. They’re certainly in the upper echelon of the league this year, maybe one of the elites depending on how the next few weeks unfold.

6. Haverford (5-2)

You get the impression that the Fords are better than they showed against Upper Darby. They still have meets left against Penncrest and Strath Haven to make that loss look like the outlier.

7. Ridley (3-4)

The record isn’t impressive, but they’ve had a tough opening schedule, and there really isn’t a bad loss in the four (Radnor, Haverford, Strath Haven and Penncrest). They also have a surprisingly comfortable win over Upper Darby to their credit.

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