Where should Sun Valley be?

So I made mention on Twitter of my belief that Sun Valley is miscast in the Ches-Mont League and, predictably, my mentions blew up. I think it’s a legitimate question, though, and it seems to be that way among Sun Valley students, parents, fans and whomever else is associated with the program. So what are your thoughts? Ches-Mont League? Del Val League? Other? If you’re going to choose “other”, please explain your choice.


2 thoughts on “Where should Sun Valley be?

  1. I just feel like teams like the softball and volleyball and girls basketball team would just destroy most of the del Val teams… I personally as a softball player enjoy the completion from the chest mont league and i thibk it really prepared us for playoffs, but looking at all the sports we should prob be in del Val or central

  2. Sun Valley and Interboro need to be in the Central League. If that means Conestoga and Radnor need to leave so be it. Waaaay toooo much time and Gas being wasted. Stronger rivalries would be developed as well (with neighborhood competition)

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