Field Hockey: Who should be All-Delco?


Is Cardinal O’Hara’s Grace Boston eyeing up another All-Delco nod?


Yep, it’s almost that time again. With the field hockey season enters its final weeks, it means that the All-Delco team is in the process of being determined (!) and nearly finalized (!!!). I’ve tried to see as many teams as possible this year – my apologies to Upper Darby, Marple Newtown, Penncrest, Bonner-Prendergast and Agnes Irwin for not being able to make it to a game this year – but I can always use more feedback on the All-Delco team. We at the Daily Times like to think of it as a pretty prestigious honor, so we could use your help.

So here’s the deal. Let me know who should be the 12 players selected to the All-Delco team. There will be 11 position players and one goalie picked. There will not be a set format of X amount of forwards, X amount of midfielders and X amount of defenders. Best 12 players. That’s it. Remember that Delco encompasses nine Central League teams (Garnet Valley, Haverford, Marple Newtown, Penncrest, Radnor, Ridley, Springfield, Strath Haven and Upper Darby), three Del Val teams (Academy Park, Chichester and Interboro), three Inter-Ac teams (Agnes Irwin, Episcopal Academy and Notre Dame), three Catholic League teams (Archbishop Carroll, Bonner-Prendergast and Cardinal O’Hara) and one team from both the Bicentennial League (Delco Christian), the Catholic Academies League (Sacred Heart) and the Ches-Mont League (Sun Valley).

Stat leaders, which will be updated this weekend, can be found here. Here is a link to last year’s Player of the Year story on Emily Fuss, and here is a link to the rest of last year’s All-Delco team, where you can see what I mean by no true positional formula. There were two goalies, five midfielders, one defender, and four forwards. That list includes seven returning players who needed to earn their spots again in Cardinal O’Hara’s Grace Boston, Episcopal Academy’s Alana Dumas, Archbishop Carroll’s Katie Kelly, Haverford’s Jess McCarthy, Garnet Valley’s Eleanor Kirby and the Notre Dame duo of Emily Faught and Moira Putsch. Just because you earned All-Delco before doesn’t automatically mean you get it again, though all seven of those players put forth outstanding years again. Additionally, just because a team is better than another doesn’t necessarily mean it will have more All-Delcos. It’s best individual players, not best teams.

Let me know who the best 12 are without disparaging other players. Insults of any kind will be deleted.

22 thoughts on “Field Hockey: Who should be All-Delco?

  1. Katie Wyman goalie from Haverford! She has done an outstanding job! If it wasn’t for her Haverford would not have won the central league championship!!! Especially at the end being pounded on shot after shot!! And making amazing saves after amazing saves seconds apart!! I can see her going very far in her field hockey future!!

  2. Gianna Pileggi the goalie for Episcopal Academy has not let more than 2 goals in in any game for the past 2 seasons . this year she has had 13 shut outs with 4 more games to go left in the season and only has let in 11 goals in 20 games this whole year with a 0.88 Save percentage and less than 1 goal per game average. She is a large factor in the churchwomen’s success and is a huge part of why they are tied for first in their league and went undefeated last year as the outright inter- ac champions. Being a goalie isn’t just about stopping balls, it is about the presence the goalie has on the field and how they direct their defence and field players, which Gianna, in addition to making unbelievable saves, is very very good at. Look at the dynamic of the EA defence after watching one of their games and try to find another team in Delco with the same fluidity and strength. A great goalie must both stop balls, clear them out of the circle and direct their defence in getting the ball back to the offence which Gianna always does.

  3. Stats should not be the sole reason for selection. Some stats can be padded by leaving players in against weak competition. Strength of schedule in and out of conference should be considered. So many great area players, with and without the goals & assists.

    • There is also alot to be said about players who no matter what the score is, continue to play their hardest and bounce back from adversity

    • I agree with FH Fan a lot should go into picking. I think when you ask the fans,Parents and players who they think it becomes a contest of who can get the most votes not the quality of player they are on the field.

  4. Grace Boston MOST DEFINATELY ! Also, while we are talking about field hockey. Drexel University will be playing for the CAA conference Championship Tomorrow Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 3 pm at The Vidas Athletic complex located at 43rd and Powelton ave in West Phila.. Two former All Delco greats will be playing for Drexel, Meghan Plank West Chester, Rustin and Lindsay McArdle former 2x 1st team All Delco and Catholic League MVP 2010. It would be nice to get some Delco Times coverage of how well these girls have matured. The winner of the game earns a birth into the NCAA National Tournament.

    • Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get someone to the college game. I’ll be at the O’Hara-Carroll game, which we feel is significantly more important than a college game with only a few Delco players. Additionally, Meghan Plank was not All-Delco because she went to West Chester Rustin, which is located in Chester County.

      Thanks for the input,
      Matt Chandik

  5. Jess McCarthy – she demonstrates all elements of an All-Delco MVP. Not only is she deep in the USA field hockey program on two junior national teams, but she also is a born leader within her team. A player with the expertise she has could easily run down the field, eliminating every player and scoring goals all on her own. However, Jess works with her team to not only improve her passing game, but also the game of her teammates. She is not by any means a selfish player and plays for a TEAM win, which is 100 times more valuable. The ultimate team player, Jess has also managed to rack up a number of goals and assists while leading her team to the State play-in game against Henderson. She has bounced back from numerous injuries and never let’s them get her down. She steps out on the field, no matter the pain, to put forth 110% for the red and gold.

    With a full ride to Drexel, Jess has a bright future ahead of her. She should be honored for her four amazing years at Haverford to the fullest extent.

  6. Gillian Ross has done an outstanding job defensively for Haverford. As a sophomore her skills and command of the back field put Haverford into the playoffs. Gillian was a playmaker and her consistent hard hits kept the Fords defensively sound. Gillian was definately the strength and backbone of the Fords defense.

  7. Haverford High School Defense player #16 Gillian Ross deserves consideration for All-Delco team. Her outstanding skill and game sense kept the defense strong. Having her in all-delco would certainly contribute to the team

  8. Wow – I thought we could leave the electioneering to the presidential candidates. Just do your best to try to select 12 great players. Don’t forget the defenders, defensive midfielders and goaltenders who are behind the shutouts, making the scorers look good. Look at the top teams with the best records against the best competition. Many of those players are mentioned above. Anyone who feels a need to describe their candidate with more than three sentences….well… I think the player performances should do the talking. Yapping it up on Twitter should reduce their consideration. Just play! No matter who you select, someone will feel slighted, and others who receive the honor may not compare. Good luck, and congrats to those chosen and apologies to those who should have been.

    • Tom,

      It’s a blog post meant to bring people to the blog and get some feedback. Sorry if it bothers you. I sincerely hope you don’t really think I’m going to simply go off of what people say on here. I’ve already talked in great depth with several coaches and plan to try to speak to every coach on the matter. To this point, they’ve mostly all agreed with my train of thought on the matter as to who the best of the best are.

      Re: Twitter. I’m not going to go find every player’s Twitter account and stalk them to see what they’ve said, and that doesn’t affect what they’ve accomplished on the field. What they do with their personal accounts is up to them. At the end of the day, they’re high school kids using social media. It doesn’t affect me personally and it doesn’t affect what they’ve done.

      Matt Chandik

      • Matt,

        There is no need for you to explain what this is; I think it is an excellent idea. Especially for strong backs and
        mids with strong defensive instinct. Those kids work their butts off, win games and get very little recognition.

        It Is physically impossible for you to recognize every talented player in Delco. This is an excellent forum for people who know players well, to point out some of their strengths and accomplishments and it will help you give skilled players that don’t get stats, due to position a better look. Some of the best players I’ve ever seen, don’t score any goals at all.

        The one thing I would change is; I would start this during pre-season to allow you an opportunity to go watch a kid that someone gave you a heads up about on here. I think it’s a great idea, good luck with it.


  9. So many things need to be considered, the players position, the players coaches Philosphy as well as the players skills. There are some great forwards who scored a lot of goals, perhaps too many. There are some great defenders who quietly help their team succed and there are some midfielders who do both very well.

    Delco kids that I saw in our games play well were Putcsh and Faught from NDA Katie Kelly of Carroll, Boston & Spader of Ohara, Paolino and Sorriento from EA , McCartney from Haverford. Of course this is limited by the games that I saw. Probably some great Central League Players missing.

  10. This is for feedback on All-Delco, not on players’ scholarships, what term might offend someone and all of the stuff that was on here earlier. Please take that discussion to another forum.

    Matt Chandik

      • One thing I have learened in life when you ask someone what they think they are going to give you thier opinion no matter what the outcome. The coverage this year has been great. But when you ask people to suggest who should be what in sports it can be heart felt. Remember when we are typing something we think it one way and it comes across on paper another way, I know you took offense to tom. I took it as you have a hard job just remeber the back field is as important as the front field.

      • I didn’t take offense to it. It was just worded in a way that made it seem like all I was looking at is who people were mentioning.

        And I’m aware that defense is important. But like I said, I’m trying to get the 12 best players on the team, not necessarily a positional breakdown. If it means that, say, eight forwards are on the team (just an example) it will be because they were deemed to be eight of the best 12 players, not because of stats. I put two goalies on the team last year because they were two of the 12 best players.

        I’ve already spoken to several coaches on the matter and most, if not all, seem to prefer the 12 best over the positional breakdown. I try to get every coach’s feedback and I’ll even ask some players about some of the players they’ve played against. The 12 players with the best season will get All-Delco. Some players that are talented enough to get All-Delco will get trapped in a numbers game and get left off first team. It’s not because I think those players aren’t good. It’s because I only have 12 spots, and there are more than 20 teams to pick from.

        For the record, I would not have a problem with naming a team with five, six, whatever amount of defenders, so long as they’re in the best 12.

        Matt Chandik

  11. Tristin Tharp from Sun Valley has had a pretty good season. Not only has she led her team to a few wins, she has shown great leadership and defensive skills.

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